You Have To See The Horror Movie Version Of The 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Trailer

In honor of Halloween, Netflix gave To All The Boys I've Loved Before the horror movie treatment. Yes, Lara Jean Covey feels like she's straight out of Fatal Attraction in the very hilarious and very fake horror movie trailer for To All The Boys I've Loved Before. All it took was a little spooky music to turn those letters into something deadly. It's safe to say Peter Kavinsky should stay away from his mailbox.

"My letters are my most secret possession," Lara Jean (Lana Condor) says in the trailer's opening moments, sounding more like Gollum than the sweet teenage girl everyone knows and loves. While those five letters were never meant to be sent, this time around it feels as if Lara Jean really wants them to get out. It's all part of her plan to take out these boys, one by one.

Here, Lara Jean is full-on obsessed in a real unhealthy Swimfan way, letting Peter (Noah Centineo) know things will have to end, but it's clear she's talking about more than their relationship. "Rereading my letters reminds me of how powerful my emotions can be," Lara Jean states in her narration. "How all-consuming." And hearing her say that now, it's clear just how easily this rom-com could turn into a nightmare in the hands of a very good editor.

Using actual scenes and real dialogue, Netflix manages to turn To All The Boys I've Loved Before into something that's even scarier than The Haunting Of Hill House. While there aren't any ghosts hiding in plain sight like in Hill House, there do seem to be a lot of skeletons in Lara Jean's closet. Hopefully, not literally, since in the final moments of this trailer it's revealed that this new movie is called To All The Boys I've Killed Before. Someone might want to check out that hot tub, just sayin'.

While there are no plans for a real horror sequel to To All The Boys I've Killed Before, Jenny Han, the writer of the book of the same name, has been having a lot of fun with all the Lara Jean-inspired Halloween costumes. Over the Halloween weekend, Han shared a thread of fans dressed as Lara Jean and used a quote from the character in her book to describe just how amazing this was. “'There are very limited options for Asian girls on Halloween. Like one year I went as Velma from Scooby-Doo, but people just asked me if I was a manga character.' Not this Halloween, Lara Jean," Han tweeted.

The writer loved these costumes so much that they ended up bringing her to tears — happy ones, of course. A few days before Halloween, Han talked to Buzzfeed News' AM to DM about why she started reposting photos of people in Lara Jean-like costumes featuring knee-highs, scrunchies, and Korean yogurt.

"I started sharing them because it was bringing me a little bit of sunlight," Han said, but more importantly "as an Asian American woman," she added, "I think there's a sense of just, like, belonging to something when I saw those photos — belonging to something but also knowing that something belongs to you."

Clearly, many want to belong to Lara Jean's tribe since Netflix revealed that To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is one of its “most viewed original films ever with strong repeat viewing.” Now fans are looking for a sequel and don't worry Centineo wants one, too.

Back in August, he told Variety that he really wants to know what happens with Lara Jean and Peter's relationship. "All I know is that every single person involved in the making of that film wants a sequel," Centineo said. "We've all talked about it in depth. I’ll do as many as they want me!"

As of now, Netflix is staying mum about whether a sequel could happen, but after seeing this trailer, they might want to give an answer soon so they don't get on Lara Jean's bad side.