These Fashion & Beauty Brands Are Donating Proceeds To Australia's Wildfire Relief Efforts

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you've been paying attention to the news, you've no doubt been hearing about the devastating Australian wildfires. As a result, people across the United States are looking for ways to help — even with an equator between them. Many have donated to local Australian firefighting programs, wildlife preservation efforts, and to help those who have been displaced by the fires. But there are other ways to help, including shopping from these fashion and beauty brands that are supporting Australia's wildfire fight.

A lot of companies have already partnered with several organizations in the last week to donate either a portion or 100% of their sales over a period of time. Brands across the spectrum, from jewelry and makeup to skin care and shoes have been showing their support, and you can too.

Here are all of the fashion and beauty brands that are helping the Australian bushfire crisis.

Allen Schwartz

After the wildfires, more that half a billion animals have been wiped from the destruction. Allen Schwartz is giving 100% of sales on Jan. 9 to WIRES Wildlife Rescue. You can also donate directly via PayPal to help support Australia's wildlife rescue program.

Frank Body

Popular Instagram brand Frank Body is participating by donating all the proceeds from its A-Beauty scrub. The money raised will be donated to Wires, the Country Fire Authority and the NSW Rural Fire Service for the remainder of January.

With Jéan

With Jean has already donated almost $70,000 AU to the Australian Red Cross. The brand donated 100% of its sales (which were raised in just one weekend) to the organization. The money will help those who have lost their homes and belongings.

She Made Me

For the entire week, crochet swim and resort wear brand She Made Me is giving 100% of its profits to the Salvation Army and WIRES Wildlife Rescue. In addition, the brand is having its designers crochet rescue nets in an effort to help the Animal Rescue Craft Guild.

Will & Bear

According to this luxury hat brand, all sales made on Jan. 4 were given to the New South Wales Rural Fire Services. In only 24 hours, the brand has raised $22,909 AU.

Nelson Made

Nelson Made is an Australian-made shoe brand with a mission to provide customers with slow, sustainably-made pieces. After already making a huge donation, Nelson Made will continue to spend the rest of January donating 20% of sales to New South Wales Rural Fire Services, WIRES Wildlife Rescue, Foodbank Australia, Victorian Country Fire Association, and to First Nations Communities.

F+H Jewelry

This Australian-based minimalist jewelry brand donated 100% of sales on Jan. 5 to New South Wales Rural Fire Service and WIRES Wildlife Rescue. Even if you missed out, you can still support these programs directly.


Alpha-H is a skin care brand that helps target and prevent breakouts with its product formulas. To help support Australia's efforts in battling its destructive wildfires, the brand gave 100% of its profits from Jan. 6 to the Red Cross disaster fund and WIRES Wildlife Rescue.


Zitsticka specializes in acne relief to target the worst of zits. On Jan. 6, the skin care brand donated all of its profits to New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Turns out, zits can help save the world.


Outerknown is an apparel brand that produces its clothes from a sustainable perspective, reducing its impact on the environment. For all of Jan. 10, the brand is giving 100% of its sales to the SW Rural Fire Service and WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

Hop & Cotton

Hop & Cotton is a bespoke beauty brand that hones in on personalized skin care routines based on your skin. The brand donating 100% of profits from Jan. 10 to Jan. 16 to WWF Koala Crisis and NSW Rural Fire Service for bushfire relief.


Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that offers a plethora of beauty products. You can shop the brand's Coconut Line until Jan. 15 where Pacifica will be donating 100% of profits to WIRES Wildlife Rescue.


Saalt is an American period care brand that's best known for its menstrual cups. Starting Jan. 13, the brand is donating 100% of profits to the NSW Rural Fire Service.


Camila is a Sydney-based brand that's auctioning off specialty pieces from past collections starting Jan. 10 up until Jan. 17. With 100% of proceeds made from the public auction being held on Ebay, the funding will support the Red Cross, Wild Life Rescue, and The Australian National Fire Authorities. The brand will also help raise money for the bushfire crisis collecting 10% of sales made for a week starting from Jan. 8.

Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty is a sustainably-sourced skincare brand that carries everything needed for skincare lovers who spend their time trailing through the outdoors. The brand is donating 50% of all its online sales from Jan. 13 to Jan. 15 to WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

Bondi Sands

This self tanning brand is making two major steps to aiding in Australia's efforts. The first one was raising AU $100,000 for the Salvation Army and WIRES Wildlife Rescue. The second step was a collaboration with reusable bottle brand Frank Green to create a reusable ceramic cup and reusable bottle ($25 each). 100% of proceeds from the collaboration will go to the Australian Red Cross.


This botanical-based skin care brand is based in Australia, seeing the affects of the impact of wildfires. On Jan. 14, the brand is giving away 100% of its sales to the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital.

Here are some other ways to help Australia wildfire victims and animals.