Take A First Look At 'Stranger Things' Season 2

Holy Demogorgon! Merciful Barb! Leggo my Eggo! Netflix has released six new stills that will have you all sorts of hype for the Season 2 of Stranger Things, which is set to be released Oct. 31, 2017 (a day known to most of its friends as Halloween). The first photos from Stranger Things Season 2 are here and they raise quite a few questions as well as heart rates. There may be some SPOILERS ahead. There's an on-point Ghostbusters group costume, (which was also showcased in the Super Bowl teaser), Chief Jim Hopper gets back into his skulking around dark corners with a flashlight lifestyle, and the Nancy and Jonathan combo seems to come together yet again to get involved in some inevitable mischief.

So far, from the Super Bowl teaser, we can assume a few things: Eleven is alive and well somewhere, this season takes place in Fall 1984 (circa the premiere of Ghostbusters), the sketchy government agency is still afoot and watching the boys closely, and the Upside Down isn't finished with Will Byers just yet.

If you were hopeful the new stills would clear something up, my apologies, because these images just bring about more questions about what may happen in Stranger Things Season 2.

1. What's Up With Will Byers?


The look on Joyce Byers face is sort of like the look you would get on your face if your son, who happened to previously be stuck in what seemed like hell for an extended, started to lose it outside of his school. Is that what happened? And who's that girl? And why is Dustin rocking that earpiece thing?

2.Where Is Hopper Skulking?


Seriously, does that guy ever sleep?

3. What Are Jonathan And Nancy Looking At?


It looks like they're looking at two different things...but what two different things? Is one of them Barb? Please be Barb.

4. How Is Will Doing With His Peers?


In the first image, you saw Will in the same shirt. It seems like this might be Will's first day of school back, so what seems to be going on during this day?

5. Why Does Will Have Less Candy Than Everyone Else?


Did he join in later or are people in the town scared of him now that he's been vacationing somewhere mysterious?

6. What Is Dustin Staring At?

Please be Barb. Please be Barb. Please be Barb.

Wow. What a rush. I guess we'll just have to wait until Halloween for all these mysteries to be revealed. Forget going to a Halloween party — you can find me marathoning Stranger Things Season 2.