The Final 9 Episodes Of 'Fuller House' Will Wrap Up Every Character's Story

Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie, Andrea Barber as Kimmy, and Candace Cameron Bure as DJ in Fuller House
Michael Yarish/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Fuller House Season 5. There were initially rumors that Fuller House would be canceled after Season 4, but luckily the show's social media accounts announced via video on Jan. 31 that there would be a Fuller House Season 5, but that it would be the Full House spinoff's last. The first half of the final season drops on Netflix on Dec. 6, but the release date for Fuller House Season 5 Part B hasn't been announced yet. It's definitely coming — there are obviously more backyard dance numbers, weddings, and babies to come before this nostalgia-fest of a series can finally come to end. But there's no ending in sight just yet.

The first, second, and fourth seasons of Fuller House contained 13 episodes each that were all released at the same time. Yet, Season 3 had a two-part season with nine episodes on Sept. 22, 2017, and an additional nine episodes three months later on Dec. 22, 2017. The final season seems to be going the same route with E! News capturing a comment on Instagram by Kimmy Gibbler actor Andrea Barber that said the fifth and final season would be 18 episodes. With nine of those released on Dec. 6, another nine episodes might be released exactly three months later on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Cameron Bure had told E! News previously that she would "play D.J. Tanner for the rest of my life." But the reboot received three fewer seasons than the original sitcom. The cast and crew wrapped filming on Nov. 15 with posts honoring the series. But finishing the series wasn't easy with People sharing that Cameron Bure was emotional during an Instagram Story from Nov. 8. As they filmed the last two episodes, a tearful D.J. said the cast was going through a "grieving process." She added, "There will be no Season 6. This is it. ... It's really hard. It's really, really hard."

Michael Yarish/Netflix

While a Full House comeback is something that fans could only have dreamt about in the 2000s, the reboot era of the 2010s showed that anything is possible for beloved TV shows — and Fuller House was a leader of this trend. So perhaps there could be another Full House revival in the future following another generation. Considering all the unabashed devotion Fuller House has to its original series, it doesn't seem all that far-fetched.

But before fans start thinking about a future where Jackson Fuller becomes the dad of three girls, there are still nine more episodes to go. And Cameron Bure promises that the finale will be satisfying. "I'm very happy with the ending of the show, and I do think the fans are going to love it," she told Life & Style. "It really ties up all the storylines as to where everyone will be. ... It's kind of the ending that we didn't get on Full House. It's a really great last episode, but get the tissues." So prepare for Fuller House to be just as cheesy and sentimental as it's premiere, for better or for worse.