You Definitely Missed This 'Bachelor' Cameo In 'The Haunting Of Hill House'

Steve Dietl/Netflix

While some fans have been trying to spot all the hidden ghosts on The Haunting Of Hill House, it's possible they missed someone that was hiding in plain sight. Yes, it's time to talk about The Bachelor cameo on The Haunting Of Hill House that fans probably missed. In Episode 7, "Eulogy," a certain Bachelor Nation favorite makes a Hill House cameo that no one would blame fans for being too scared to even notice. It's also quite possible that only the most dedicated Bachelor fans would even recognize him to begin with.

In Episode 7, the young Hugh Crain (Henry Thomas) is trying to fix the water damage in Hill house but isn't quite sure where it's coming from. At one point, he wonders whether rats have eaten through a pipe and calls in a model removal specialist who, as pointed out by TV Guide, just so happens to be played by Elan Gale.

Now, who is Elan Gale, you ask? Well, he's the producer behind The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. But even though he spends his time mostly behind the scenes, he's become a bit of a cult figure for Bachelor Nation. He's basically the brains of the Bachelor operation, who doesn't mind giving up the show's secrets on his social media. And he can be counted on to tell some hilarious stories that may or may not be true, like that epic note war on a Thanksgiving flight that made him a viral sensation.


But, even knowing who Gale is, it's still odd to see him pop up in a cameo on a show like Hill House. But all this can be explained very simply by Hill House creator Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel, who plays Theo and happens to also be Flanagan's wife. It turns out, they're big fans of the Bachelor. That's why, as Flanagan tweeted, that Gale's cameo wasn't "random" at all.

"We watch it all the time," Flanagan told TV Guide, "and it turns out Elan is a big fan of Hush." Hush is his 2016 film about a deaf author, played by Siegel, who is being stalked by a masked killer. "We tweeted some mutual adoration to each other," Flanagan continued, "and then met and became great friends, which was a fantastic surprise. He's one of my favorite people and it was a real pleasure to have him on set."

The Bachelor cameo in The Haunting of Hill House is only now coming to light in the media, but Gale wasn't really keeping his cameo a secret. On Oct. 16, he wrote a glowing review of Hill House on Instagram and teased his part in it. "Oh, and for those of you who care about this kind of thing," he wrote. "I play a very small role, and getting the opportunity i do that was one of the more wonderful and humbling experiences of my career."

Now that his role has been reported on, Gale is clearly happy to once again share his admiration for Flanagan. "I can now confirm that I play a role in 'The Haunting of Hill House,'" Gale tweeted. "I can confirm that watching @flanaganfilm work is really awe-inspiring and I can confirm that this show is good as f*ck, and I can confirm that I literally still have Hill House nightmares." Basically, this star is just like us.

Don't worry, Gale also had nice things to say about Siegel, who he thinks you should be seeing way more of. "Also,@k8siegel is one of the most talented human beings I know," Gale tweeted, "and if you’re not familiar with literally all of her work you better get over to IMDb and fix your sh*t."

Gale's not the only one who is obsessed and horrified by the Netflix series. Already, there's talk of a second season of The Haunting Of Hill House. With news that Season 2 is likely happening, it's possible more Bachelor favorites could stop by. Though, this time, Bachelor Nation will be keeping a close eye out for them.