The Illustration From Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds' Memorial Beautifully Captures Their Iconic Roles — PHOTO

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On Saturday, March 25, the public is finally getting a chance to say goodbye to mother-daughter Hollywood icons, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. A public memorial is being held in Los Angeles, and the illustration on Fisher and Reynolds' memorial program captures the women's two most pivotal roles — Reynolds as Singin' in the Rain's Kathy, and Fisher as Princess Leia. The beautiful photo is from illustrator Ricky LaChance, and it is an absolutely amazing way to honor the iconic careers of these two actors. The drawing was also projected on the big screen at the ceremony.

The quote featured in the program is from Natalie Babbitt's Tuck Everlasting. It reads, "Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life." There is no quote more perfect for these two women who lived every minute to the absolute fullest. With their wit and talent, Reynolds and Fisher were always larger than life, and pairing such a stunning quote with images of the characters who defined their careers drives home the point of just how many lives they touched.

The rest of the program is just as amazing as LaChance's inspired illustration, and the photos and words that have been shared so far are just as perfect.

The cover features a classic photo of Reynolds with a young Fisher. In the photo, Fisher is pulling away from her mom and heading toward the spotlight. It's such a powerful image of two women whose careers were absolutely unforgettable.

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The inside of the program is just as flawlessly tailored to Reynolds and Fisher's view of the world. These actors were indomitable onscreen and off, and it's no wonder their memorial is being referred to as a party. As much as they loved to laugh and live every moment to the fullest, it only makes sense for their special day to be a celebration of their work and their lives. Inside the program it reads,

"Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher lived every precious minute of their lives. They left nothing undone and nothing unsaid, and today is our reminder to see to it that someday the same can be said about us."

The memorial is above all a reminder of how much of an inspiration Fisher and Reynolds were to the world. No one can say they didn't leave their mark, and thinking of Leia and Kathy walking out of this world together will hopefully make their fans smile through the tears.