Here’s How A Jon Snow Lookalike Wound Up At Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Wedding

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It's been more than a month since Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner unexpectedly tied the knot in Las Vegas, and the details of their surprise ceremony are still coming out. This time, Jonas and Turner's wedding singer is speaking out in a new interview with BuzzFeed, sharing a little behind-the-scenes intel about their special day. Oh, and by the way, he totally looks like Jon Snow, which is pretty hilarious considering the fact that Turner is best known for her role on Game of Thrones.

It's important to point out that this Jon Snow lookalike isn't just a random singer that Jonas and Turner wanted to have at their wedding — his name is Dan Smyers, and together with Shay Mooney, he's a part of country music duo Dan + Shay, and you've probably heard them on the radio, since their single, "Tequila," has been everywhere.

But they also performed their song "Speechless" as Turner walked down the aisle, and as it turns out, they were not invited to perform at the wedding because Smyers looks like Jon Snow — it was because they are actually friends of Jonas'. The Jon Snow similarity just happened to be a happy accident.

"He texted us like three or four days in advance and we thought it was a joke or prank, but it wasn't," Dan said. "We kept it super DL, we literally told no one. It was such a crazy night, it was all under wraps."

This makes sense, since as Priyanka Chopra said last month, the entire wedding came together very last minute, and it didn't leak beforehand that Turner and Jonas would be tying the knot immediately following the Billboard Music Awards. Smyers also called the Elvis impersonator who officiated the wedding a highlight of the evening — no arguments there.

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Last week, Smyers and Mooney also talked to Billboard about the wedding, sharing even more details about how secretive the whole thing really was. “We were walking on eggshells," Smyers said. "We didn’t even tell our wives we were going there. Getting to sing a song at the wedding was a big deal for us.”

And for Mooney's part, he called it "the craziest couple of hours of our lives." “That was wild," he said. "But they are close friends of ours and it was cool to be there for that special moment.”

Not only did Turner and Jonas get to tie the knot with their friends playing a super romantic song at the ceremony, but the Jon Snow connection is pretty funny, too. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, he doesn't look nearly as much like Jon Snow when his hair is short:

In the end, it sounds like Turner and Jonas had a really fun night saying their vows, and there's still a bigger, more traditional ceremony on the way. No word on whether Dan + Shay (or any other Game of Thrones lookalikes) will be performing, but chances are good it'll be just as perfect as their first wedding celebration.