The End Is Nigh For 'Love Island' 2018, So Prepare To Rediscover Your Social Life


With all the ongoing drama and junior doctor Alex George's aptitude for seemingly repeated sunburn despite his super delicate skin (suncream, Alex, suncream), it seems like Love Island could very well run on forever. Alas, like Georgia's seemingly former loyalty and the possibility of Alex making it past his 30th birthday wrinkle-free, all good things must come to an end. So, when is the Love Island final?

While the first three seasons of Love Island were all packed up within six weeks, the spike in ratings that occurred last season saw producers do a bit of a rethink and extend the current and fourth series of Love Island to an eight week-run, which was a pretty wise idea upon reflection, don't you think? Taking this into account, the Love Island final should air eight weeks exactly from its launch date on Monday, June 4 — which hypothetically sets the final date for Monday, July 30.

This is further supported by the consideration that over the past two years, the Love Island series finale has aired on a Monday night. So, while nothing is official, I'm confident enough to give out a tentative save-the-date for July 30, you guys.

So, who's actually going to be in the Love Island final?


Traditionally, the Love Island final sees four couples battle it out for the crown and that non-too-shabby £50,000 cash prize — and it has also always been recorded live in front of an actual audience right outside the main villa itself. If you fancy a quick vacay to Majorca and want to attend the final yourself, that's also totally possible so start saving now, guys. Unless of course you're pretty well off like recently dumped Islander Charlie Brake — in which case, why not make it an extended trip?

Anyway, back to my original theorising of which of this year's Islanders will make it into the grand final.

After Monday night's shock twist of Georgia and Sam's enforced separation and the arrival of four smoking new contestants, there are currently 16 Love Island contestants in the villa, with 10 of these being in official couples as things stand. Obviously, it looks like a host of them will have to be dumped or voted out before the final swings around, so there is a real chance that a mass DUMPING could be on the horizon this week.

Given its been a while since a major contestant cull took place — and this is set to be the penultimate week of the series — I can't say I'm not pleased about that, TBH.


So, who's left?

Well, I will on my word, eat my laptop if Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham don't at least make the Love Island final. Indeed, there's pretty strong evidence Dani's dad and acting legend Danny Dyer is already en route to the villa. And, yeah. Jack and Dani are my only near certain guarantees at this juncture, as the odds are already on the pair getting engaged before the year is out.

Nonetheless, things really aren't looking so good for the serially unlucky-in-love, Laura Anderson. Her current partner Jack Fowler broke up with her during Tuesday night's episode. Jack told Wes: "Me and Laura have a mad connection, yeah, and I feel it, right? But I have to think, what is gonna work the most on the outside?

He then later tells seriously new Islander, Stephanie Lam he's open to getting to know new people, adding: "I'm definitely not a closed book because it wouldn't make sense for me to because me and [Laura] have discussed, we're not in a relationship yet."

Alex George was also having doubts about his first serious villa connection, Alexandra Cane, putting her at risk of departing before that big final, too.

Geesh. Will any of them make it to the final at this rate? Wes and Megan seem to be going strong, declaring their love for each other during Tuesday night's episode, which you can watch in the clip below. But as they found themselves in the bottom three on Sunday, can they rely on a public vote?

Finally, there's Josh and Kaz, who seem to have pulled through the Georgia drama to be going steady. But hey, knowing how fast things change in that villa, who knows where we'll be in 2 more weeks time. Either way, I'll be watching.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.