Mando & Baby Yoda Are Taking A Road Trip In 'Mandalorian' Season 2

Pedro Pascal as Mando holding Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season finale. The adventures of Baby Yoda and Mando are far from over on The Mandalorian. The Season 1 finale set up the unlikely father-and-son team to search for Baby Yoda's home in The Mandalorian Season 2. The Mandalorian Armorer instructed Mando, aka Din Djarin, that it's the Way for him to take care of the foundling and "reunite it with its own kind." While most of the first season was Mando engaging in bounty hunting activities to earn money and protect Baby Yoda, the second season seems poised to be a pilgrimage where the origins of Baby Yoda — and even Yoda himself — will be explored.

With the help of IG-11, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga, Mando and Baby Yoda were able to survive Moff Gideon and his platoon of Stormtroopers on Navarro. They encountered Emily Swallow's the Armorer while in the Mandalorian culvert during their escape attempt. Most of the other Mandalorians had died helping Mando and Baby Yoda flee in Chapter 3, but she survived and helpfully outlined that the Way of the Mandalorians is about more than fighting — they also have a caring side where they protect children. Just as Din Djarin was rescued by a Mandalorian as a child and trained as one of them, the Mandalorian Creed dictates that Mando must do the same for Baby Yoda. "A foundling is in your care. By Creed, until it is of age or reunited with its own kind, you are as its father," the Armorer said.


Baby Yoda had already considered Mando his bounty-hunting papa, as displayed when the Child attempted to protect him against Cara Dune's arm-wrestling skills. But the Season 1 finale solidified their relationship. The finale also explained more about the Mandalorian "race." Creator Jon Favreau and executive producer Dave Filoni had discussed with Entertainment Weekly ahead of The Mandalorian premiere how the show would "definitely explore the culture of the Mandalorian." Filoni even claimed that the most famous Mandalorian of the Star Wars universe — Boba Fett — wasn't technically a Mandalorian because he wasn't born on Mandalore. This comment turned out to be misleading since the series finale explicitly noted that a person doesn't have to be from the planet of Mandalore to be a member of this clan of warriors. "Mandalorian isn't a race," Cara said. "It's a Creed," Mando replied. And part of the Mandalorian Creed is protecting foundlings who end up in their care.

Since Baby Yoda is too weak to become a Mandalorian, the Armorer instead instructed Mando to take him home. This is excellent news not only because Baby Yoda becoming a Mandalorian would mean never seeing his tiny adorable face again (could a helmet even accommodate his bat-like ears??), but it also means that Star Wars will finally give us more information about Yoda's species.


The Armorer had heard of the Jedi since they were the enemies of the Mandalorians. She was also familiar with the Force. But she was just as clueless about where Baby Yoda originated from as Mando. "You expect me to search the galaxy for the home of this creature and deliver it to a race of enemy sorcerers?" Mando asked the Armorer incredulously. And with that question, fans can officially be pumped about the plot of Season 2 as Mando searches the whole wide world just to find Baby Yoda's home.

Inevitably, Mando and Baby Yoda's clan of two will encounter some troubles while on the space road. Mayfeld, Burg, and Xi'an may come after them if they can escape the prison transport. We still don't know who the person was over Fennec Shand's body at the end of Chapter 6. And Moff Gideon survived Mando's attack and emerged with the Darksaber — a one-of-a-kind type of lightsaber created by a Mandalorian-turned-Jedi featured outside of the Star Wars films.


Despite these perils, The Mandalorian now has a destination — the home of Baby Yoda. The 50-year-old baby is unable to communicate verbally yet, but he may be able to use the Force to give his new dad information about where he came from. And as Mando learns more about this mysterious Child, Star Wars fans will learn about the most beloved Jedi master — Yoda himself — and how this nameless Child (who bares his name, at least in the fandom) connects to this wise one.