The Most Affordable Place To Get Married Is...
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As we get closer to the end of winter, wedding season starts officially rolling in. By June, it will be in full swing, as I’m sure you know thanks to the wedding invitations you have all over your fridge so you don’t forget who’s getting married when and where. It can be tough to keep track! The Knot recently released the results of The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study, in which everything, and I mean everything, was covered in regards to American weddings.

According to The Knot, this study is the largest of its kind, surveying roughly 13,000 brides and grooms across the country. From venue prices, to how many people go over a budget (many do), to guests numbers, to entertainment — literally all of it, the study reveals exactly what it means (and will financially set you back) to have a good ol’ fashioned American wedding — or, in some cases, the lowdown on destination weddings.

Although last year the average price of a wedding reached an all-time high at $35,329, according to the study, a lot of that has to do with where you get married. For example, and no surprise at all, the most expensive place to get married in the United States is in New York City, with an average wedding price tag of $78,464. In fact, four of the top five most expensive places to get hitched are actually in the New York area, unless you opt for a NYC subway wedding, which sounds perfect, TBH.

But if you don’t have your heart set on having a ceremony on the High Line at sunset and a reception at the Central Park Boathouse, and are willing to save more than a few bucks, then check out the following states. Here are the 10 most affordable places to get married in the United States.



Coming in at tenth place of the most affordable states in which to wed is Oklahoma. Although the study didn't specify where in Oklahoma is cheapest, overall the average wedding cost is $23,302.



Right behind Oklahoma, by less than $100 bucks in difference, is Nevada. In Nevada, you can get hitched for $23,098. Or, if you really want to keep things cheap AF, you can get married in Las Vegas and skip the ceremony. I mean, we are talking about a city where you can get married at a drive-thru after all.



In Iowa, you can throw a wedding for an average of $23,098. From what I hear, Iowa has a lot of farm land, which is perfect for those looking to have a farm or ranch wedding. This has actually become trendier in recent years, according to The Knot, with these types of wedding jumping from two percent to 12 percent between 2009 and 2016.



In Arizona, Tucson, Arizona to be exact, you can get away with having a wedding that averages $22,175.



When I think of Idaho, all I see are potatoes. Potato chips, potato fries, disco potatoes, scalloped potatoes, and more potatoes. I also know that its capital Boise is one of the best cities for saving money. That being said, you can have a fantastically affordable, potato-themed wedding for an average of $22,018.



Falling right in the middle of this list of affordable states to get hitched is Oregon, with an average wedding cost of $21,854. Of course, with thoughts of Oregon, come thoughts of Portland, which naturally leads one down a path to the TV series Portlandia. A Portland wedding, if Portland is even remotely like Portlandia, sounds amazing to me.



In Texas, West Texas specifically, as the study points out, an average wedding will set you back $21,688. I'm imagining a lot of cowboy hats and cowboy boots — granted, I'm basing this on one wedding I attended in Texas, so I might be wrong.



Oh, Montana! One of the most beautiful states in the U.S.! The scenery in Montana is perfect for the 48 percent of couples who put a "scenic backdrop" as a top priority for their wedding. Here the average wedding will coast you $20,794.



In Utah, another beautiful state once you step outside the city limits, is also super wedding budget friendly. In Utah, an average wedding is only $20,337, which definitely means you're likely to have more money to get your future started off on the right foot.



Annnnnd, a drum roll please, the most affordable state to get married goes to... Arkansas. The average wedding, with all the fixings, will coast you an average of $19,522. A far cry from the epic amount of wedding expenses you'd find in New York City.

But no matter where you choose to tie the knot, something to consider is just how much you can cut costs. Opting for DIY weddings, for example, are an awesome way to stay within your budget and have a lot of fun. For my wedding, my bridesmaids and I made our bouquets, as opposed to me dropping well over $1,000 for six bouquets. And it was fun! Remember, you don't have to have the most lavish wedding in the world to prove to yourself or to your friends and families that you're in love. That's just something to keep in mind.