The Most Impressive Things About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Laken Howard
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We're only human, so naturally we all have days when we feel a little down on ourselves — and it's on those days that we most need to be reminded of all our amazing, impressive, wow-worthy qualities. Even though we're all unique individuals whose personality traits are formed by some combination of nature and nurture, I've always found that there's something comforting about reading up on the positive traits of each zodiac sign, and thinking about how you might embody those awesome qualities. You might not feel like you exactly fit the stereotype for your sign, but it can be super interesting to use astrology as a lens to think critically and positively about your personality — especially if you discover any impressive traits you possess that you might have been overlooking.

"Every zodiac sign is associated with positive and negative characteristics; this tension compels life forward and outlines the journey from youth to maturity," astrologer and tarot reader Charmaine Frapp tells Bustle. Even though it's worthwhile to be aware of and acknowledge your negative personality traits, it's also important that you recognize the good things about your personality, whether that's a knack for organization or the ability to listen to and empathize with others.

If you've been feeling meh about yourself lately and want a reminder of how awesome you are, here are the most impressive things about you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Your Fieriness & Your Sense Of Curiosity

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What makes an Aries so special? Even if you've known them forever, they can still surprise you with a hidden facet of their fascinating personality. "Just when you think you know an Aries, they reveal a fascinating hobby or secret life, making [Aries] wonderful mischief makers," Frapp says. "[Aries] bring a sense of happy curiosity to life’s dull corners."

Aside from their ability to bring a sense of curiosity to those around them, Aries also has the impressive ability to get excited. "The best quality about Aries is the fire that comes with them," Noella Fe, premier astrologer and spiritual advisor at Beacon Truth, tells Bustle. "Some say overexcitement, I say the perfect hype man!"

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Your Party-Hosting Skills & Your Ability To Nurture Others

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If you're the kind of person who secretly wants someone to throw them an epic surprise party, it might be worth your while to befriend a Taurus. "Taureans are the epitome of a grand host or hostess," Frapp says. "From decorating dinner tables, mulling wine, and frosting cakes, those of the Taurus sign enjoy designing parties and curating meetings between new friends!"

Even better? When you're hungover after the party and need someone to take care of you, your Taurean friend will pull out all the stops to nurture you. "The best quality the Taurus possesses is its ability to nurture," Fe says. "Most people don’t try to deal with life’s burdens, but the bull will just jump right into it."

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Your Fairness, Fearlessness, & Friendliness

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There's something to be said about people who are selfless by nature — and that's what makes Geminis so darn impressive. "Libras get credit for their democratic nature, but in my experience, Geminis are the fair ones!" Frapp says. "Always thinking of others, Geminis are activists, humanitarians, and champions of the odd man out."

Even more admirable than their humanitarian ways, though, is a Gemini's ability to conquer life fearlessly, and still have time to stop and make real connections with people. "Geminis have no fear!" Fe says. "If they do, you will never know because they are too busy outwitting what has them in fear. The best quality of a Gemini is communication. Very social, the Gemini has no problem making friends and growing connections. They are very resourceful thanks to the people they meet and friends they make."

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Your Ability To Read People & Your Desire To Provide For Others

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There's nothing worse than being stuck in a conversation with someone who seemingly has nothing interesting to say — but with a Cancer, even small talk can't be boring. "Cancers are social butterflies," Frapp says. "They read people effortlessly and can get into invigorating conversations with just about anyone. Along these same lines, they are incorrigible flirts making them undeniably charming!"

Underneath Cancer's charming exterior, though, is a seriously impressive sense of bravery, and an intense desire to provide for their loved ones. "There is great bravery deep in this sun sign, and they are willing to go to great lengths to make sure they can provide for others, even when they can’t provide for themselves," Fe says. "The best quality of a Cancer is the great lengths they will go to for love."

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22): Your Knack For Tough Love, Your Generosity, & Your Confident Energy

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If you ever have a problem that needs solving, look no further than your closest Leo pal. "Leos are good at tough-love and hard decisions," Frapp says. "Where one person sees a conundrum, Leo finds a clear cut path. Pissing people off along the way is not a showstopper for Leo."

But even though Leo isn't afraid to dish out a little tough love, that doesn't mean they're not kind and generous, too — and their fiery spirit radiates and inspires confidence in those around them. "Leos are rulers and lead with confidence, not to mention generosity," Fe says. "They are not selfish when it comes to money. Leo’s want to make sure that everyone has their own fair share. The best quality of a Leo is the energy that radiates off of them. The fire that lives inside of them catches on to others, giving them confidence and agility."

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Your Sense Of Adventure & Your Stable Nature

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When you want someone who will just say "screw it" and go an adventure with you, Virgo is the perfect choice. "Because Virgos are so grounded, they make excellent adventurers," Frapp says. "Virgos know how to pack light and navigate foreign rail systems like secret antennae were built into their DNA!"

Aside from making them excellent travel buddies, Virgo's grounded, stable nature has other uses too: namely, it means they can keep their head down and push through life without rocking the boat too much. "The best quality of the Virgo is its calculated [stability]," Fe says. "Thanks to their ability to keep quiet, they can move about unnoticed to get to where they are headed without much fuss."

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Your Storytelling Skills & Your Laid Back, Peaceful Nature

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Have you ever heard someone tell a story in a way that was utterly gripping and entertaining? More likely than not, the storyteller was a Libra. "Libras make great guests at a party because, once they loosen up, they are enchanting story-tellers," Frapp says. "Staying until the wee hours then helping clean up, they are loving, fonts of amusement!"

But just because they can enchant a crowd doesn't mean Libra always needs the spotlight: their laid back, sometimes emotionally detached nature makes them great sources of advice. "Libras are very laid back, unbothered by the emotions of people," Fe says. "They make great teammates because their advice is void of major emotion. Unlike many of the signs, nothing is made in haste and every point is looked at before a decision is made... The best quality about Libras is their peaceful nature. They are very kind and mild-mannered, which is truly a joy to be around."

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Your Intensity, Your Mysteriousness, & Your Sex Skills

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One of the biggest hustlers of the zodiac, without a doubt, is Scorpio: their intense energy means they get sh*t done, and quick. "Scorpio’s intensity means they prosper in fast-paced people-oriented work like an emergency room. High-pressure jobs offer excitement to Scorpio when normal life feels like a slow-motion picture."

A slightly less practical but way more fun outlet for Scorpio's intense nature? They're well-known as the most skilled at sex of the zodiac. As Fe says, you may not be able to figure them out, but they'll definitely make you melt.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Your Willingness To Help Others, Your Sweet Nature, & Your Passion

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You know how most of your friends will totally accidentally "miss" your text about helping you move? Not a Sagittarius — this generous sign is always DTH (down to help). "Sagittarians are the ones to call if you need a hand because they take pride in helping others, especially if it involves manual labor," Frapp says. "A Sagittarius will help you move, garden, or hang those new blinds."

Even more important than having a friend who will come help you snake your drain, though, is having a friend who will love you unconditionally and take care of you like a Sagittarius will. "Sags are conquerors!" Fe says. "They enjoy lavish things and like to have control, but they also have a very sweet side to them that is irresistible. There are so many great things to love about a Sag. The greatest quality we love about the Sag is their passion. No matter what it is, they will take care of everything and anyone they love."

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Your Sensuality & Your Patience

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Anyone with chronically sore shoulders should seriously consider dating a Capricorn, because their hugs and massages are out of this world. "Capricorns have an unexpected, sensual quality that makes them amazing huggers and masseurs," Frapp says. "Through physical connection, Capricorns express empathy and sweetness."

Even more impressive? Capricorns are also some of the most patient members of the zodiac, meaning (hopefully) that they won't even care when you ask for "just five more minutes" of a massage. "Quick-witted and patient, the best quality of this sun sign is the ability to wait for gold at the end of even the longest rainbows," Fe says.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Your Organizational Skills & Your Ability To Get Things Done

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If you're the kind of person whose desk is always a certified disaster zone, it might be time you called your Aquarius friend to help you get your act together. "Aquarians have an intuitive and organic knack for organizing," Frapp says. "Rather than imposing an outside system, an Aquarius might dream about how to set up a vegetable bed or re-do finances!"

After getting organized first, of course, Aquarius also has the impressive ability to work diligently until whatever project they're facing gets done. "The best quality of Aquarians... is the ability to get things done!" Fe says. "Not one to jump from project to project unless the outline has been mapped out and they feel confident in the ones appointed to be in charge while they go off to start something new. Aquarians are diligent and want the best for everyone involved."

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20): Your Ability To Console People, Your Imagination, & Your Self-Confidence

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There's nothing as impressive as the ability to cheer someone up when they're down... and compassionate Pisces is the perfect person for the job. "Pisceans are good to be around during a breakup or tragedy because they excel finding fun, low-stress activities to take your mind off your sorrows," Frapp says. "Good natured and compassionate, they know just what to say to make you feel better."

If you're lucky, while Pisces is consoling you, some of their belief in themselves and their dreams will rub off on you, too. "The best Pisces quality has to be their imagination," Fe says. "The dreamers of the zodiac carry belief in them, and are never ones to believe they can’t. They will always achieve whatever it is they seek."

No matter what your sign is, there's one thing that's important to remember: even on days when you can't help but notice some of your bad traits, it's crucial that you also recognize and take pride in all the impressive, amazing things about you — because I guarantee that others will notice the good much more than the bad.