The Most Popular Wedding Date Of The Year Is This Week

The autumn composition of the happy newlyweds throwing up the yellowed leaves in the park.

A lot of us have gone through a period where it feels like we're caught up in a wedding hurricane. All of our free time (and money) is spent going to weddings, bachelor parties, engagement parties, and bachelorettes, sometimes every darn weekend in a row. For me, it's always felt like those periods fall right in the middle of summer. But it turns out, I may be imagining that — because the most popular day to get married in 2019 is actual distinctly autumnal.

New findings from WeddingWire and The Knot, two of the biggest wedding websites, found that the most popular day to get married this year is Oct. 19. In fact, nearly 34,000 US couples who are registered on their sites are getting married on this date.

“As fall weddings continue to grow in popularity, we’re seeing more and more couples opt for those September and October wedding dates,” Jeffra Trumpower, senior creative director at WeddingWire, explained in a press release. “It’s no surprise to us that 2019’s most popular wedding day of the year falls in mid-October. On October 19, we expect to see couples incorporating bold, vibrant and festive colors into their décor coupled with hearty comfort food dishes; seasonal cocktails like spiked warm apple cider; and lots of texture like pampas grass, greenery, and velvet.”

With the most popular day to get married right around the corner, WeddingWire conducted the 2019 WeddingWire Guest Study and found out that the part of a wedding that guests pay the most attention to is .... *drumroll* .... the FOOD. Obviously. They found 77% of guests care about what they're eating, compared to the 55% who pay attention to the music and 51% who are noticing the venue and setting. They also found that about half of wedding guests bought a new outfit for the last wedding they went to, spending a whopping $155 on average. Yikes. Can we please find a way to make going to and being at weddings less expensive? Please? My family is dying.

If you're looking at throwing an autumnal wedding yourself, there are plenty of fall wedding trends to inspire you. And if you want to save money on your wedding planning then there are lots of ways to do that — like the one woman who spent $3,000 on Amazon for her entire wedding. And you don't have to miss out on anything — may I recommend ditching your expensive wedding cake for a wedding s'mores bar? Hell, have both — in fact, if I was planning a wedding I'm pretty sure 98% of my budget would go on food. That's what the guests care about and that's what I care about. 'Til death do us part.

Although every wedding is different — and a reflection of the people involved — it's safe to say that weddings also tend to trend hard. And, for the moment at least, we've moved away from spring and summer weddings and we're enjoying the brisk romance of fall. So if you're looking to buck the trend — or follow it — Oct. 19 is a day that you should be keeping in mind, because that is the hot ticket of 2019.