The 18 Best Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix This Week


Ever since Netflix started producing its own content several years ago, the company has been on a quest for legitimacy among the Hollywood kingmakers. So far, a Best Picture Oscar win has eluded the streaming service, despite its best efforts. And while Roma came close last year, netting the streaming platform's first Best Picture nomination and winning the Oscar for Best Director, Netflix's best chance yet for a Best Picture win is tucked in among the new movies and shows on Netflix this week. It's called The Irishman, and it's kind of a big deal.

The movie is the latest from Martin Scorsese, the Oscar-winning director behind several all-time great films like Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and The Departed. The film, like many Scorsese pictures, is a mafia tale, and it brings together for the first time the three greatest actors of the genre: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. If there were a Mount Rushmore for gangster movie icons, Scorsese, De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci would likely be on it. The film is based on the real life story of mafia hitman Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran (De Niro), who worked for crime boss Russell Bufalino (Pesci) and claimed to have murdered notorious labor leader Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). The film spans decades, and uses state-of-the-art tech to digitally de-age the actors in what is Scorsese's most ambitious film yet.

Exciting as The Irishman is, however, it's not the only new addition to Netflix this week. Take a look at the list below for the best of the rest.


'The Irishman' - Nov. 27

Better start polishing up that Best Picture Oscar, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


'Broken' - Nov. 27

This new docuseries shows that the corporations who make many of the goods we consume regularly are routinely cutting corners and producing unsafe products in the name of higher profits. How shocking.


'Holiday Rush' - Nov. 28

This heartwarming Christmas movie sees a father lose his high-profile job right before the holidays, which ends up bringing him and his family closer together.


'Merry Happy Whatever' - Nov. 28

Dennis Quaid and Ashley Tisdale star in this new anthology sitcom series, with season one focusing on a family's uncomfortable interactions during Christmastime.


'Atlantics' - Nov. 29

This supernatural romance from Senegal won the coveted Grand Prix award at this year's Cannes Film Festival.


'I Lost My Body' - Nov. 29

This unusual and critically acclaimed animated film follows the journey of a severed hand as it searches for its body.


'The Movies That Made Us' - Nov. 29


This new spinoff of the excellent docuseries The Toys That Made Us takes a look at iconic movies of yesteryear. Season one is set to cover Ghostbusters, Die Hard, Dirty Dancing, and Home Alone.


'Sugar Rush Christmas' - Nov. 29

The Netflix baking competition unwraps a new Christmas special for your enjoyment.


'A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish' - Dec. 1

This modern Cinderella reimagining tells the story of an aspiring singer at Christmastime. Yes, it's as confusing as it sounds.


'The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl' - Dec. 1

This century has been all about superhero movies, but this 2005 kids movie has got to be one of the weirdest examples of the genre.


The 'Austin Powers' Trilogy - Dec. 1

You can now catch all three of the time-displaced superspy's adventures on Netflix. Groovy, baby! Yeah!


'Cut Bank' - Dec. 1

Liam Hemsworth is a witness to a small-town murder in this 2014 thriller.


'Dead Kids' - Dec. 1

A kidnapping plot goes awry in this morbidly-titled Filipino thriller.


'Eastsiders': Season 4 - Dec. 1

The final season of this dark comedy series follows a gay couple's exploits in Los Angeles' hip Silverlake neighborhood.


'Malcolm X' - Dec. 1

This biopic sees Denzel Washington take on the role of the iconic civil rights leader.


'Searching For Sugar Man' - Dec. 1

This Oscar-winning documentary follows fans as they search for '70s musician Sixto Rodriguez, who faded into obscurity after releasing his second album.


'Sweet Virginia' - Dec. 1

This neo-noir thriller includes a riveting performance from The Punisher's Jon Bernthal.


'The Tribes of Palos Verdes' - Dec. 1

Jennifer Garner stars in this powerful and emotional family drama.

The Irishman is certainly the centerpiece on Netflix's table this Thanksgiving week, but don't ignore those side dishes!