The Narrator Of 'Dimension 404' Is One Of The Biggest Names In Science Fiction & Voiceover

Patrick Wymore

The creators of Dimension 404 seem to be aware that they aren't making the first science fiction anthology ever, and the show pays tribute to other series like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone throughout Season 1. That's a strong indication of the tone of the series: unabashedly nerdy, for the better. So when the choice to pick the narrator of Dimension 404 came up — the voice that would set the scene for each of the series' shocking tales of technology gone weird — the creative team did not take the decision lightly. In the end, the show managed to cast a living geek legend as the voice of the program: Mark Hamill narrates Dimension 404.

While Mark Hamill is most widely known for his work as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, he has spent the better part of his career as one of the most in-demand voice actors in the industry. Hamill still makes the occasional live-action appearance. He's played recurring villain The Trickster on The Flash and has recently reprised his most famous film role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But the actor seems to be happiest working in the recording booth, making him an ideal fit for Dimension 404.

Hopefully, the sci-fi anthology will be able to use Hamill's voice to the extent of its range, as he's amassed one of the most impressive voice acting resumes in the business after nearly 50 years of work. Here's a look at some of Hamill's most iconic voice roles, which are even more evidence that he's a perfect choice for Dimension 404.

The Joker In Several Batman Adaptations

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For most of the world, Luke Skywalker is Hamill's definitive role. However, most fans of animated adaptations of Batman will claim that Hamill's greatest performance has been as the voice of the Joker. The actor has become the go-to choice for Joker-related voice work, and has played the role since Batman: The Animated Series premiered in 1992. His performance has earned him two nominations for the Annie Awards, which recognize excellence in animation.

Skips in Regular Show

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Hamill received an Annie nomination for Voice Acting In A Television Production for his role as the immortal yeti Skips on the Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. Though this character is far goofier than the Joker, Hamill still manages to bring Skips to life while sounding completely unrecognizable as himself. That further proves how effective a voice actor he is.

Darth Bane In Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Hamill garnered an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program for his performance as the evil specter Darth Bane in this animated Star Wars spin-off. Ironically, Darth Bane is essentially the polar opposite of the boyish and heroic Luke Skywalker.

For Dimension 404 to get the man who's played Luke Skywalker since 1977 to narrate the new series is undeniably awesome. But when you consider that the same man also happens to have dozens of different voices inside him and has delivered some of the greatest voiceover performances of all time, it's even more of a casting coup.