The Neon Eyeliner Trend Is Taking Over Instagram

by Kim Carpluk

While most of us are struggling with getting our cat eyes even, Instagram artists are continuing to take their eyeliner game to the next level. Candy cane, unicorn, ribbon, and pointillism eyeliner killed the viral beauty game for awhile, but now, the neon eyeliner trend is the one to try to master.

This trend has only begun to circulate amongst the beauty gurus on Instagram and YouTube. Kristen Leanne posted a video on Feb. 13 outlining how you can rock the vibrant look. Her chartreuse liner even glowed in the dark for the ultimate neon experience. Instagram artists like @marioncameleon, @kaleycheyenneosaur, @stacey_steller, @glowawaymeg, and @hildasbeautykit have all contributed to the brilliant beauty trend as well, with glowing pink, blue, and yellow liner looks.

The technique is not at difficult as it looks. Simply sketch out your eyeliner shape with a neon shadow and a pointed liner brush. Then, buff out the edges of the vivid color with a dense but fluffy brush to create a hazy, glowing effect. Because you're blending in the shadow anyway, it's easy to fix any mini mistakes.

If your look resemble's this blue work of art from @hildasbeautykit, then you're doing something right.

The neon shadow acts as a guideline for where to place your white or bright neon liquid liner. Make sure that your liner of choice is lighter than the shadow that will surround it. Finally, apply your liner at the center of the sketched-out, shadow-y shape. The result a bright, glowing line that seems to emanate a colorful haze, just like a neon light. The gradient from bright shadow to brighter liner allows the look to pop out with 3D quality.

Or you can always check Kristen Leanne's chartreuse confection for reference.

If you're still having difficulty grasping the technique, don't forget Kristen Leanne's awesome tutorial is also available to you.

As soon as you get the liner look down pat, you can tackle these smokey neon eyes created by the absolute makeup goddess, @marioncameleon. You can try it in pink:

In blue:

And in yellow:

You can even incorporate this technique into every aspect of your makeup, like @kaleycheyenneosaur did for this Fight Club-inspired look.

Don't be afraid to test out this new neon liner on yourself! Right now, this liner is as red hot as it gets.