12 Movies & Shows Hitting Netflix This Week, Including Chris Pine’s Latest Heroic Role


With daylight saving time having ended, there's no denying that we're in the thick of autumn. Halloween has passed, many pumpkin spice lattes have been drunk, and sweater season is in full swing. This all adds up to the perfect environment for cuddling up on one's couch and binging the best of what Netflix has to offer. And when it comes to the new movies and shows on Netflix this week, there's little debate over what the site's most exciting new offering is, and that's the movie Outlaw King.

The new film is one of Netflix's most ambitious original productions yet, and it certainly wouldn't be out of place at your local cinema. The movie comes from one of the industry's hottest directors, Hell or High Water's David Mackenzie; it stars one of Hollywood's brightest in Chris Pine; and it boasts a blockbuster sized budget of $120 million, according to The Daily Record. The movie is an historical epic about Robert the Bruce, the legendary early 14th century King of Scots who led Scotland against England in the First War of Scottish Independence. The movie is loaded with action, drama, and romance, all against the historical backdrop of Medieval Britain. In other words, it's perfect for fall binging.

But Outlaw King isn't all Netflix is streaming this week, so check out the list below for the rest of the network's new offerings.


‘John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons’ - Nov 5

The comedian brings his Tony Award-nominated one man show to Netflix.


‘Into the Forest’ - Nov 7

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood star as two sisters stranded in a forest after the apocalypse strikes.


‘The Sea of Trees’ - Nov 8

This Matthew McConaughey starrer is about Japan's real life "suicide forest," a place where many are drawn to end their lives each year.


‘Beat Bugs’: Season 3 - Nov 9

Introduce your kids to the greatest band in history in an accessible way with this animated series about bugs who sing Beatles songs.


‘La Reina del Flow’ - Nov 9

This Colombian telenovela is all about the two Rs: revenge and reggaeton.


‘Medal of Honor’ - Nov 9

Just in time for Veterans Day, this new docudrama series recreates the heroic tales of soldiers who went above and beyond the call of duty.


‘Outlaw King’ - Nov 9

Catch Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Florence Pugh in one of Netflix's biggest movies to date.


‘Spirit Riding Free’: Season 7 - Nov 9

This spinoff of the forgotten animated film Spirit is now in its seventh season. Where does the time go?


‘Super Drags’ - Nov 9

It's a cartoon about drag queen superheroes, what more do you need to know?


‘The Great British Baking Show’: Collection 6 - Nov 9

The latest season of the cult-favorite British export heads to Netflix.


‘Treehouse Detectives’: Season 2 - Nov 9

These bear siblings solve mysteries in the area around their treehouse. How adorable is that?


‘Westside’ - Nov 9

Of all the new offerings from Netflix this week, this may be the most bizarre. Allegedly an unscripted reality series about a group of young, attractive aspiring musicians in Los Angeles, the show also features soap opera-like storylines and random musical numbers. You know, just like real life.

With Outlaw King, a couple star-studded movies, some exciting new premieres, and a few returning favorites, Netflix is keeping boredom at bay as autumn continues its dreadful march toward winter. Seriously, how did people get by before streaming services?