'BoJack Horseman' Fans Are Going To Want To Tune Into Netflix This Week


The word "revolutionary" gets tossed around a lot by people when discussing television, but few series are truly worthy of such praise. But one show that definitely is revolutionary is BoJack Horseman, and when the new movies and shows hit Netflix this week, this groundbreaking series will officially come to a close.

BoJack Horseman debuted back in 2014 as one of Netflix's first original series, and few could have guessed at the time what an impact it would end up having on its fans. On the surface, the series doesn't appear to be anything too out of the ordinary. It follows anthropomorphic animals, with the titular character being a washed-up actor who previously starred on a cheesy '90s sitcom. But what the series really is, is one of the most accurate depictions of depression ever seen on television, disguised as an animated comedy about talking animals. Fans will surely miss its presence on TV, but hopefully the series ends its run with a satisfying finale.

The final season of BoJack isn't the only new arrival on Netflix this week — not by a long shot. There are also a ton of classic movies hitting the site, including your favorite 2000s teen dancing drama, Center Stage. So take a look below to see the best of what's arriving on Netflix this week.


‘Country Strong’ - Jan. 27

Gwyneth Paltrow plays a troubled country music star trying to launch a comeback in this 2010 drama.


‘We Are Your Friends’ - Jan. 27

Zac Efron is a young DJ trying to figure out his life in what is one of the actor's most serious roles.


‘Next In Fashion’ - Jan. 29

Queer Eye's Tan France and fashion icon Alexa Chung co-host this new reality series that sets out to find the next great fashion designer.


‘Night On Earth’ - Jan. 29

This nature documentary reveals what nature gets up to when the sun goes down.


‘BoJack Horseman: Season 6 (Part B)’ - Jan. 31

It's the end of an era for this revolutionary animated series.


‘Ragnarok’ - Jan. 31

A boy gains the powers of Thor and uses them to fight against climate change in this new original series.


‘A Little Princess’ - Feb. 1

The '90s children's classic arrives on Netflix, so get ready for some nostalgia feels.


‘Back To The Future Part II’ - Feb. 1

It's been over 30 years since this film was released, and we still don't have a functional hoverboard. Shameful.


‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’ - Feb. 1

The definitive cut of Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic starts streaming this week.


‘Center Stage’ - Feb. 1

This 20-year-old dance drama will take you back to the year 2000.


‘Dear John’ - Feb. 1

Nobody does romance quite like Nicholas Sparks, so gear up for Valentine's Day early with this tearjerker.


‘The Notebook’ - Feb. 1

Dear John not cutting it for you? Then how about this classic, the most iconic Nicholas Sparks movie of them all?


‘Elizabeth’ - Feb. 1

Cate Blanchett portrays Queen Elizabeth I in this biographical drama. The film's sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, is also streaming.


‘Fools Rush In’ - Feb. 1

This charming '90s rom-com sees Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek rush into a marriage after their one-night stand results in a surprise pregnancy.


‘Police Academy’ - Feb. 1

This goofy '80s comedy franchise lasted for an absurd seven installments, and you can stream every single one of them this week.


‘Purple Rain’ - Feb. 1

It will be four years this April since the passing of Prince, and you can celebrate his legacy by streaming his classic film.


'Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves' - Feb. 1

This early '90s drama from Kevin Costner remains one of the best Robin Hood adaptations ever.


‘Scary Movie 2’ - Feb. 1

The first sequel in this comedy franchise lampoons more supernatural horror films, such as Poltergeist, The Exorcist, and The Haunting.


‘Sex And The City 2’ - Feb. 1

Although it may not be as highly-regarded as its predecessor, this glamorous sequel still has plenty to offer nostalgic fans of the franchise.

From the end of BoJack to the beginning of Next in Fashion, from Center Stage to The Notebook, there is no shortage of great stuff to watch on Netflix this week.