All The New Movies & TV Shows On Netflix This Week, Including A New Kind Of Santa Claus


It's Thanksgiving week, and that can only mean one thing: Christmas is almost here, and there's no point in fighting it. While some may complain that the Christmas season shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving, the fact remains that stores are already festively decorated, Christmas music is on the radio, and holiday sales have already begun. And you can add Netflix to the ever-growing list of early X-mas celebrants, because among the new movies and shows on Netflix this week is a brand new Christmas movie that's practically guaranteed to become a holiday classic.

The film in question is The Christmas Chronicles, and it's not your typical holiday TV movie. While most made-for-TV Christmas films are of the cheesy romance variety, The Christmas Chronicles is a big budget holiday spectacle that's intended for the whole family. It's much more The Santa Clause than A Christmas Prince, and it's got some pretty impressive pedigree behind it. The film is produced by Chris Columbus, the director behind bona fide Christmas classic Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter movies. Plus, it stars none other than Kurt Russell as jolly old Saint Nick, so you know the lead performance will be killer. The film is about two kids, a brother and sister, who sneak on board Santa's sleigh, accidentally cause it to crash, and end up having to accompany the magical gift-giver in order to save Christmas.

If you're still not ready to start your Christmas celebrations, have no fear. Netflix is offering lots of non-Christmas content this week, too, so take a look below at everything that will be streaming Thanksgiving week.


‘The Last Kingdom’: Season 3 - Nov 19

Netflix's under-the-radar Medieval action drama enters its third season.


‘Kulipari: Dream Walker’ - Nov 20


This animated spinoff gives you more ninja frogs action — not to be confused with Ninja Turtles.


‘Motown Magic’ - Nov 20

This new animated children's series takes place in Motown and features music from its legendary titular record label.


‘Sabrina’ - Nov 20


Sabrina Spellman isn't the only Sabrina that's new on Netflix; there's also this original horror film about an evil doll.


‘The Final Table’ - Nov 20

There are chef reality shows and chef reality shows. This is the latter.


‘Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia’ - Nov 20

The Daily Show host riffs on a variety of topics in this brand new stand up special.


‘The Tribe’ - Nov 21

This Spanish language Netflix comedy film will give you serious squad goals.


‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ - Nov 22

The now-legendary foodie documentary heads back to the streaming site were it first gained a wide audience.


‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet’: Season 2 - Nov 22

Netflix's Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot returns for a second season featuring six new films, including the all-time classic terrible film Mac and Me.


‘The Christmas Chronicles’ - Nov 22

Get your holiday started early with this soon-to-be-classic Christmas movie.


‘Frontier’: Season 3 - Nov 23

Another under-the-radar historical action drama enters its third season; and this one has Jason Momoa!


‘Fugitiva’ - Nov 23


This new drama series about a domestic abuse survivor seeking revenge on her criminal husband is super intense.


‘Sick Note’ - Nov 23

Harry Potter's own Rupert Grint stars in this black comedy series as a man erroneously diagnosed with cancer.


‘To Build or Not to Build’: Season 2 - Nov 23


This home building reality series returns for a new run of episodes.


‘My Little Pony Friendship is Magic’: Best Gift Ever - Nov 25


The animated series based on the popular toy line debuts a brand new holiday special.

Whether you're in the Christmas mood already or not, Netflix has plenty to keep you occupied over Thanksgiving.