19 New Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix This Week, Including An Acclaimed Disney Sequel

If you've been keeping up with the constant stream of new streaming services (pun intended), you may have heard that Disney will soon be removing its films from Netflix to place them on its own upcoming streaming service, Disney+. But as the new movies and shows on Netflix this week show, the relationship between the Mouse House and Netflix isn't over quite yet, as one major new Disney release is making its way to the streaming giant.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to 2012's Wreck-It Ralph, premieres on Netflix on June 11. That's just seven months after the movie debuted in theaters last November, making it one of the final new Disney releases to premiere on Netflix. For years now, Netflix has been the first streaming stop for Disney theatrical releases thanks to a deal signed between the two companies back in 2012. But that deal is coming to an end, with Disney+ becoming the new streaming destination for Disney movies after they end their theatrical runs. Netflix gets what's left of Disney's 2018 releases, like Ralph Breaks the Internet, while 2019 Disney movies, like Captain Marvel, will hit Disney+ first.

This doesn't spell the end of the world for Netflix, though, not by a long shot. As you can see from the list below, the ubiquitous streaming service still has plenty of non-Disney offerings releasing this week for your viewing pleasure.


'Ralph Breaks the Internet' — June 11

This tale about friendship has more inside jokes about the Internet than Twitter.


'Jo Koy: Comin' In Hot' — June 12

One of the streaming site's favorite stand-up comics returns with a brand new Netflix special.


'Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese' — June 12

The legendary director profiles the legendary singer in a new documentary featuring never-before-seen footage and a rare interview with Dylan himself.


'The 3rd Eye 2' — June 13

This Indonesian horror film looks to add some terrifying new twists to the haunted house genre.


'Jinn' — June 13

What if two Jinn — supernatural beings from Islamic mythology — joined a high school? That's the concept behind this new drama from Jordan.


'Kakegurui xx' — June 13

The gambling-centric anime series, based on the manga of the same name, returns with a new batch of episodes.


'Murder Mystery' — June 14

Adam Sandler's lucrative movie-making deal with Netflix continues with this comedy caper that reunites him with his Just Go with It costar, Jennifer Aniston.


'Aggretsuko': Season 2 — June 14

This unusual and adorable anime about a death metal-loving red panda finally returns for a second season.


'The Alcàsser Murders' — June 14

If you love Netflix's true crime docuseries, then this new examination of a trio of Spanish murders is likely to be your new obsession.


'Awake: The Million Dollar Game' — June 14

Apparently having exhausted all other game show ideas, Netflix has decided to exhaust its contestants in this new competition that keeps its players awake for 24 hours.


'Charité At War' — June 14

This new season of the acclaimed German medical drama series takes place in WWII-era Berlin.


'Cinderella Pop' — June 14

In this Brazilian teen romance, a young DJ who's sworn off love unexpectedly falls for a pop star.


'Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce': Season 5 — June 14

The fifth season of Bravo's relationship dramedy series makes its way onto Netflix.


'Leila' — June 14

This new Indian series follows a mother as she searches for her daughter in a future dystopian society.


'Life Overtakes Me' — June 14

This gut-wrenching documentary out of Sweden shows the trauma endured by refugee children when they're faced with deportation.


'Marlon': Season 2 —June 14

Marlon Wayans' eponymous sitcom returns for another season of multi-cam family hijinks.


'Unité 42' — June 14

A cyber crime detective teams up with a former hacker in this Belgian police procedural.


'Grey's Anatomy': Season 15 — June 15

There are teenagers today who weren't even alive when this long-running medical drama first premiered. Catch up on the latest season before season 16 kicks off later this year.


'Cop Car' — June 16

Kevin Bacon is one cop you do not want to mess with in this action thriller from 2015.

Disney and Netflix may be on the verge of a break up, but it's pretty clear that Netflix is walking into the single life with its head held high.