22 Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix This Week, Including A Highly-Anticipated Holiday Sequel


Netflix produces a ton of their own movies, and most of them fall by the wayside. But every now and then, the streaming site releases a film that becomes not only a big success, but a cultural phenomenon. Such was the case last November, when Netflix released the cheesy holiday romance A Christmas Prince and the internet couldn't stop obsessing over it for a month. Now, it looks like they've done it again, because among the new movies and shows on Netflix this week is the highly-anticipated sequel to A Christmas Prince.

The sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, takes place a year after the first film. Amber is gearing up for her wedding to King Richard, but she begins to have doubts that — as an average American girl — she's fit to be Queen of Aldovia. This gives the film a Meghan Markle-esque royal wedding fantasy feel, but it also still functions as a holiday film since, like the original, it takes place around Christmastime. Unlike the original, however, expectations are high this time around, and no one will be surprised if A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding ends up being an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

As exciting as it is, A Christmas Prince 2 isn't the only new addition to Netflix this week, so take a look at the list below to see the best of the rest.


'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding' - Nov 30

Here it is, at long last (OK, it hasn't been that long).


'1983' - Nov 30

Netflix's first Polish series is an intense alternate history drama that takes place in a world where the Cold War never ended.


'Baby' - Nov 30

This new Italian series features two upper crust Roman teens who become involved with sex trafficking.


'Death By Magic' - Nov 30

Magician Drummond Money-Coutts risks his life in this series by performing stunts that have all previously killed magicians.


'F is for Family': Season 3 - Nov 30

Bill Burr's raunchy, 1970s-set animated series returns for a third season.


'Spy Kids: Mission Critical': Season 2 - Nov 30

This kids series, based on the blockbuster film franchise, is back for a second season.


‘8 Mile’ - Dec 1

Lose yourself in the early 2000s by revisiting Eminem's pseudo-biopic.


‘Bride of Chucky’ - Dec 1

Yes, dolls can get married — even evil dolls.


‘Christine’ - Dec 1

This film about a young female TV journalist in the 1970s whose looking to make in impact is basically a serious version of Anchorman.


‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ - Dec 1

This pleasant, surprise-hit animated film is heading to Netflix.


‘Friday’ Trilogy - Dec 1

Ice Cube's cinematic opus heads to Netflix in full with Friday, Next Friday, and the holiday themed Friday After Next.


‘Hellboy’ - Dec 1

Before the David Harbour-starring reboot arrives next year, check out Guillermo del Toro's acclaimed original.


‘Reindeer Games’ - Dec 1

Now here's an unconventional holiday movie to kick off the season.


‘Meet Joe Black’ - Dec 1

The classic Brad Pitt tearjerker is here to make your holiday season less joyful.


‘Seven Pounds’ - Dec 1

Will Smith is out to do some good in this uplifting drama.


‘Shaun of the Dead’ - Dec 1

Before Zombieland, this was the film that invented the zom com genre (yes, that's a thing).


‘Terminator: Salvation’ - Dec 1

Christian Bale stars in this attempted reboot of the Terminator franchise.


‘The Big Lebowski’ - Dec 1

The Coen brothers may have just released a hyped new film to Netflix, but many will still prefer this classic effort from the siblings.


‘The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass’ Season 5 - Dec 1

Try your hand at being star baker with these instructional episodes from the hit series' judges.


‘The Last Dragon’ - Dec 1

This '80s cult classic features a mashup of Kung Fu and Motown. It doesn't get much cooler than that.


‘The Man Who Knew Too Little’ - Dec 1

Bill Murray's 1990s career lull still produced some fun flicks, like this goofy spy farce.


‘The Lobster’ - Dec 2

One of the most acclaimed and unique films of 2016 heads to Netflix.

Whether you're into Netflix originals like A Christmas Prince 2, or you prefer classics like The Big Lebowski, Netflix has plenty to keep you interested this week.