An Expert Says This Is The Perfect Sex Position To Try This Month

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Four hot sex positions to try in bed.

It's sad to even acknowledge this, but summer is coming to an end, my friends. Even if you aren't going back to school, the feeling that it's time to sharpen pencils and slide into homeroom ten minutes past the bell can still haunt a person this time of year. Therefore, we need to do some extra fun, sexy things to make sure spirits are kept high and life is filled with excitement. How to do this? Well, the sex position of the month is back, of course, and this month's suggestion can definitely help.

For September, sex educator Jamie LeClaire, who holds an executive board position at YES! (Your Empowered Sexuality!), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing empowering, engaging, inclusive, and accessible sex education to schools and communities, tells Bustle that "reclining" is a good position for this month. Because it's fall, and you need to relax while you have sex. Not to mention, it is something absolutely anyone can enjoy!

"I really love a position that reminds us we aren't limited to our body parts," LeClaire says. "We can implement a range of ways to tease and please our partners beyond penis-in-vagina sex."

So true! Our bodies are exploratory wonderlands, after all. Remembering that sex is as unique and particular as the people involved is the foundation for some really, really good times. Take a look below for exactly how to do it while reclining and why this is the perfect way for you to greet the autumn.

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How To Do It

Reclining is as straightforward as it is pleasure-packed. Sit back, or have your partner sit back, and enjoy.

"In this position, one partner lays down with their torso and head propped up on their elbows," LeClaire says. "Their legs are spread and bent. The partner is kneeling in front of them, facing them, and touching their genitals with their hands."

Reclining is a nice opportunity to incorporate a little eye contact into the mix, as well. Really watching what is going on adds a whole other element of hot.

Why You Have To Try It For September

Reclining is really for everyone, LeClaire says. It's nice to celebrate that by trying it. "This position gives way to both digital play — hand jobs, fingering, etc.— as well as all sorts of toys.

"For a partner with a vulva, you can use external vibrators like bullets or wands to stimulate the clitoris, and internal vibrators like dual-stim or g-spot vibrators to stimulate the clitoris and/or the g-spot," LeClaire says. "You can also engage in anal play, digitally or with toys from this position."

For safer hand and toy sex, LeClaire says to use use medical-grade gloves or finger cots on hands and put condoms on your sex toys.

And if you are the one giving the pleasure, LeClaire says that this position puts the focus (mostly) on your partner, and it's a particularly great way to show your partner how invested you are in their pleasure. "It's intimate, you can look at each other, see what feels good to them, and read their body language," LeClaire says. "You can use your free hand to touch your partner elsewhere, and if you feel so inclined, you can also start to touch yourself at the same time from this position."

Oh yeah, and the receiver in this position can also easily sit up and touch their partner at the same time to engage is some super hot mutual masturbation, LeClaire says.

"If you're stressed out by this back-to-school season, this position lets you lay back and enjoy," LeClaire says. Whether you're taking a break between classes, or making sweet, sweet love in an apple orchard somewhere in the leaf-peeping country side, bid a sweet adieu to the season of the sun with this move. You will not be disappointed.

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