The Jax & Brittany 'Vanderpump' Cheating Scandal Just Got Worse, If You Can Believe It

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Guys, is the cast of Vanderpump Rules (senior producer: Sandra Bansil) aware of the notion that they don't technically have to be in monogamous relationships if they really don't want to? Seriously, no one is safe from the cheating bug in this group and it begs the question of why they all get into "committed" relationships to begin with, when they could just as easily spread their wings and fly solo without hurting someone else in the process. This week's Vanderpump Rules episode brought the aftermath of yet another layer of one indiscretion saga, a recording of Jax's hookup with Faith. And that's not all: fans also got Schwartz talking very cavalierly about cheating on his wife and some new details about Scheana's man kissing someone else as well. But Brittany seemed to get the worst of it in this episode, as she heard auditory proof of Jax's cheating, including some unkind things he said about her.

Last week, the Vanderpump Rules (executive producer: Lisa Silver, 1 episode) crew was partying at Jax and Brittany's apartment for what was billed as a housewarming party but was actually just a booze-filled, time-released capsule of drama just waiting to activate. Up until this point, it seemed that Brittany was willing to move past the fact that Jax cheated with former SUR employee, Faith. As difficult as it may be to understand, the couple was trying to make things work. Well, towards the end of the party, it was revealed via Queen Lala and Ariana that not only had Faith and Jax slept together, but Faith had recorded one of their post-coital jam sessions and it was a diatribe of Jax trashing all over Brittany and their relationship. Honestly, it was horrific to imagine poor Brittany having to hear this and she understandably got upset and had a bit of a meltdown in the middle of the party.

Right about now should be the point where Jax falls to his knees and literally begs for Brittany to either forgive his complete lack of respect for her or for the Earth to yawn and swallow him up, right? Of course, this is Jax, so it turned into him being angry at Brittany for bringing this vile recording up in front of the party. This is not a drill: Jax actually managed to turn the situation of him bashing Brittany to another woman that he had just slept with into a reason for Brittany to feel like she did something wrong. There are not enough words or emphatic hand gestures in the cosmos to react to that kind of behavior and manipulation.

In the middle of this was the Sandoval and Ariana feud, which stemmed from Sandoval's (along with Schwartz's) blind and puzzling loyalty to Jax. Basically, Ariana was the bad guy for bringing this recording to Brittany's attention. The entire theme of this season of Vanderpump Rules appears to be revolving around men doing remarkably awful things to the women who care about them and then the women somehow being represented as dramatic or doing something wrong. Luckily, Sandoval is a ray of light in the darkness and he was able to patch things up with Ariana by seeing things from her point of view and finally recognizing the horrible spot she was put in by hearing the recording in the first place.

In the end, Jax actually made himself look worse. Brittany approached him with guidelines to make things work like, maybe he could go to therapy for his inexplicably atrocious behavior and possibly for him to refrain from speaking to her and about her like she is gum on the sidewalk. Jax's responses were at face value lacking humility or any respect for her. He ended an interview saying, "It's not all me. Yes, I've done very bad things. Yes, cheating is absolutely wrong, but what did it do for me to do that?" Roughly translated from Jax to English, he seems to be saying that Brittany forced him to cheat and with that, the women of Vanderpump Rules need to take a stand and stop letting these men treat them like they are less than goddesses.