You Need To See Jennifer Lawrence Channel James Bond In 'The Red Sparrow' Trailer

When Daniel Craig hands in his 007 badge for good, Hollywood has the perfect successor to his James Bond throne already lined up. The Red Sparrow trailer will leave you craving a Bond film starring none other than Jennifer Lawrence. While the spy film is already giving superhero fans major Black Widow vibes, the undercurrents of James Bond-style action shouldn't be dismissed.

Red Sparrow's (props: Cristina Himiob) setup is full of classic spy tropes. Lawrence's Dominika Egorova is recruited into a program that appears to be known as Sparrow. Once a ballerina, Dominika is now a spy trained in the arts of combat, seduction, and manipulation. Her job is to force her marks to give her the information she needs by any means necessary, and she's not just good at her job — she's the best. Sound familiar?

Sure, Bond is an MI6 agent who fights on the side of the good guys, while the Sparrow organization seems far more morally dubious, but just like Bond, Dominika's biggest weakness — according to her handler — is her soul. Both characters are adept at pulling off complicated missions, but Dominika seems to share Bond's habit of occassionally getting too close to her marks.

In some ways, Dominika appears to be even more badass than Bond. She doesn't have access to his treasure trove of gadgets, so when a man attempts to assault her in the trailer, she cleverly uses a doorknob as a weapon. It's a moment that shows off the character's smarts and the physicality of the role. It's no secret that Lawrence is a crazy talented actor, but be prepared for the Red Sparrow trailer to leave you in awe of just how deeply she can disappear into what appears to be an emotionally and physically demanding character.

The James Bond films (producer: Barbara Broccoli) are a great deal lighter than Red Sparrow appears to be — in tone, the thriller appears to be closer to the Jason Bourne franchise (dialogue supervisor: Rachael Tate) — and that only makes it all the more fun to imagine a future where Lawrence plays the famed secret agent. Thanks to her penchant for offering up fearless and funny interviews, it's clear that she could pull off Bond's wit and his brooding. Come on, Hollywood, you know it's time for a female Bond, and Lawrence should be at the top of your list.

In the meantime, Red Sparrow will arrive in theaters on March 2, to hopefully wow viewers, because if this movie is as good as it looks it has serious franchise potential. The film's setup appears to be that Lawrence is looking for a way out of the Sparrow game, and when she's assigned an American target, she becomes compromised — maybe. This is a spy movie, so nothing can be taken at face value aside from the fact that Lawrence looks absolutely compelling as this complicated killer, and Dominika is the kind of character who could carry more than one film.

Red Sparrow is stacked with great actors. In addition to Lawrence, the film also features Joel Edgerton, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Irons, and the legendary Charlotte Rampling. Rampling's character is especially intriguing since she seems to be the head of the Sparrow training program. It will be interesting to see if a mentor relationship develops between her character and Lawrence's, or if Dominika will see her as the enemy.

Until the film's March release, fans will just have to speculate about the potentially twisty plot of Red Sparrow. If you're looking for a productive way to spend your time until the film hits theaters, there's no harm in starting a Lawrence for Bond campaign. Her cool stares, dangerous moves, and abundance of confidence in the Red Sparrow trailer basically create an audition tape for the iconic role. Let's just hope that someone in Hollywood is paying attention.