14 Netflix Movies For When You Need A Good Cry

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Let's face it: sometimes you just need a good cry. But not everyone can turn on the waterworks at will. Many people need something to get the tears flowing, like a good tearjerker of a movie. Thankfully, there are loads of sad movies on Netflix in September, and any one of them will allow you to let loose all the emotions you have bottled up inside until you have no tears left to cry out.

Netflix's collection of sad movies this September is pretty unbelievable in that it contains a number of films that are often cited as being among the saddest ever made. I'm talking films with devastating endings that will leave you shaken to your core; movies with twists out of left field that will have you reeling; films that deal with tragic issues like the Holocaust, drug abuse, and poverty. And of course there are deaths. Deaths of lovers, deaths of parents, deaths of siblings, deaths of friends... so many deaths. There's even the dreaded death of a beloved animal — without question the surest way to make someone cry while watching a movie. So grab a box of tissues and maybe some chocolate, because these are the saddest movies Netflix has to offer at the moment.


‘Forrest Gump’

This movie is an emotional roller coaster, with at least three good cries in its lengthy runtime.


‘Charlie St. Cloud’

This film's specific purpose is to manipulate your feelings and make you cry.



Somebody needs to atone for that ending.


‘The Land Before Time’

FYI, Pixar didn't invent unbelievably sad cartoons.


‘The Iron Giant’


‘The Little Prince’

Even the trailer for this movie can induce tears.



If you don't cry at E.T., you're not human (or even alien).


‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’

Don't let the title fool you, this movie is full of sadness.


‘Million Dollar Baby’

That twist is a serious gut punch, no pun intended.


‘Schindler’s List’

It's a movie about the Holocaust, it doesn't get any sadder than that.


‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas’

In case one movie about the Holocaust wasn't enough of a downer for you, here's a film that focuses in on a single kid at a concentration camp.


‘Requiem For A Dream’

This might just be the most depressing movie ever made.


‘Turner & Hooch’

There's a dog's name in the title, so you know where this one's going.

If you need a good cry, look no further than these movies on Netflix... then be sure and check out a good comedy so you don't get too depressed.