The 17 Funniest Movies On Netflix, Hands Down

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Whether you need a good TV show to marathon, a movie to make you cry, or a documentary to give you nightmares, Netflix has it all. But, having it all can sometimes make it impossible to find the thing you're looking for. To help you out next time you're in the mood for a good laugh, here are the 17 funniest movies on Netflix, guaranteed to make you laugh. (You can thank me later for giving you those 30 minutes of searching back.) No matter what mood you're in, these movies will definitely make your next Netflix and chill session a lot more lol-worthy.

What makes a movie funny is really a personal choice, but Netflix has a lot of different kinds of comedies to choose from. There's the explicit, gross comedies, the funny inappropriate movies, the stoner comedies, the sex comedies and other funny R-rated movies on Netflix, and all the dramas inexplicably listed as comedies. So no matter what kind of comedy you like, there will be a movie on this list that will cause you to laugh involuntarily and for a prolonged period of time. In other words, get ready to get your giggle on. Here are 17 of the funniest movies on Netflix, hands down.



Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play Brennan and Dale, two self-absorbed man-children still living at home. When their parents marry, the two decide one roof isn't big enough for the both of them. If you like either of the lead actors, you will love this movie, which also features a bonus Adam Scott as successful stepbrother Derek. But if you find their physical comedy and straight-faced silliness unbearable...keep scrolling down, there's plenty more movies for you.


'John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous'

Mulaney has a number of specials available on Netflix, including New In Town and The Comeback Kid. All are great; this just happens to be his most recent. Here he focuses more on his age, a period between "young" and "old" he calls "gross", talks about the root inspiration for a lot of his work, and mines his old brain in a youthful-looking body combo for plenty of laughs.


'Killer Klowns From Outer Space'

A movie that absolutely delivers on its promise, which is to show you killer clowns, who come from outer space. When a strange meteor crash lands near a small town, bizarre alien "Klowns" begin attacking and capturing anyone who comes near. Of course the police don't believe the teens who try to warn them. A movie silly as it is gross, with great practical effects and plenty of groan-worthy gags.


'Good Burger'

Because any self-respecting '90s kids is already laughing just hearing the words "Welcome to Good Burger." Expanding on the sketch, the film shows how Dexter (Kenan Thompson) and Ed (Kel Mitchell) met and began working for the fast food spot. It's a classic indie little guy battles the big corporate chain plot, with new Mondo Burger threatening Good Burger's existence, but with more general goofery.


The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad!

Alas that this is the only Zucker Bros. series available, but it's not too shabby on its own. Leslie Nielsen plays crack detective Frank Drebin, assigned to protect Queen Elizabeth II. He uncovers and must stop an assassination plot involving beeper-triggered hypnosis (hey, that was very high tech for 1988). And though some jokes are very dated, there's enough surprise appearances, goofy gags, and straight-faced silliness to more than make up for it.


'Trailer Park Boys: The Movie'

If you've never seen the TV show, don't fret — though it features the same characters and takes place in the same trailer park, this movie is entirely separate from the show. Buff, gentle Julian hatches a scheme to break into ATMs (his reasoning is that coins are untraceable by the government). He loops in his friends, hot-headed Julien and cat-loving, nearsighted Bubbles to help him. Of course the plan goes awry.


' Frankenstein's Monster's Monster: Frankenstein'

There's a narrow genre of comedy on Netflix best described as Incredibly Specific Spoofs. If you're a fan of late-period Orson Welles (think cape wearing, drunken wine commercial era) and televised play adaptations, boy do they have a movie for you. Directed by PEN15 director David Gray Longino and featuring Stranger Thing's David Harbour, cult favorites Mary Woronov and O-Lan Jones, Kate Berlant, Alfred Molina, and Michael Lerner, the film is a mockumentary focused on the title vanity project made by Harbour's father (also played by Harbour).


'The Lobster'


'Chelsea Peretti: One Of The Greats'

Chelsea Peretti's stand-up special, One of the Greats, is gloriously feminist and silly. Opening with a faux-montage of nonexistent shows that brought her to this point and peppered with bizarre audience cutaways, the show's heavy on Peretti's observations on life, including a bit about texting with her dog. It's guaranteed to make you and your best girlfriends laugh.


'Oh, Hello: On Broadway'

This is another special falling under the Incredibly Specific Spoofs umbrella. John Mulaney and Nick Krull mug around as geriatric Upper West Side NYC Broadway enthusiasts, musing on and jumping into past performances, saying they've been told the theater they're performing in is very haunted, and freestyle riffing off each other. If you're not a fan of any of those things...scroll onward.



This raunchy comedy from the Farrelly Brothers stars Woody Harrelson as Roy, a hook-handed former bowling champ who molds a naïve young Amish amateur (Randy Quaid) into a pro to win a million-dollar tournament, and get revenge on the man responsible for him losing his hand (Bill Murray, with a comb over for the ages). If you're looking for funny inappropriate movies on Netflix, this is your go-to. As with other Farrelly movies, the grossness is balanced by sweet characters trying (and often failing) to do the right thing.


'My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea'

If you're looking for funny Rated R movies on Netflix, this isn't it. But if you're a fan of comedies like Rushmore, this animated indie is for you. Featuring voice work by Jason Schwartzman, Maya Rudolph, Reggie Watts, and Susan Sarandon, the film follows an intrepid group of students trying to escape their sinking school after it falls off a cliff. Despite the danger, rivalries and friendships persist alongside dry humor. It's also one of the few films on this list you can safely watch with kids.


'Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil'

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is probably one of the best scary movie spoofs you will ever see. But, there's also a lot of blood and guts for the sake of a laugh, so, be warned - it's one of the gorier rated R comedy movies on Netflix. If you can get over that though, it's a classic case of mistaken identity when two well-meaning hillbillies are taken for serial killers by their nearby cabin-hanging college neighbors. The fact the kids keep killing themselves doesn't help matters.


'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'

Yeah, baby! Sure, the film's been memed to death and beyond, but that doesn't take away from the solid gags throughout this James Bond fish out of water spoof. The extended scene of Powers backing up and trying to turn a henchmen's underground cart around is a perfect example of a joke that gets funnier the more it drags on.


Zach Galifinakis: Live At The Purple Onion

You know you're in for an unusual standup set when the comedian doesn't talk for a third of it, and talks in the character of his fey twin brother for another third. Whether he's in a roll, playing the piano and using cue cards, or doing more typical stand up, Galifinakis' show is an all time classic.


Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Many have stayed away from this film because abrasive nerds won't stop quoting it. I assure you the movie is more than the sum of its fans, with period-correct mockery of Arthurian legend taken to dizzying heights of silliness. Killer rabbits, severed limbs, anarcho-collectives, all done with a completely straight face.


'Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle'

Merging road trip, buddy comedy, and stoner comedy, this tale of two men who just want to get their Crave is full of friendship, weed, and Neil Patrick Harris having a very bad night. Kumar (Kal Penn) drags overly responsible pal Harold (John Cho) into an evening of insane convolutions, all blocking their path to that shining White Castle.

And there you go! Because if you have to stay in, it's always good to get the last laugh.