Prince William May Have Given Away His Third Child’s Sex While Talking About Soccer

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The British Royal Family is really good at keeping secrets, but Prince William might've made a huge blunder by possibly revealing that Kate Middleton is having a boy. According to The Mirror, while cheering on the Aston Villa soccer team on Tuesday, William celebrated by praising the team's player Jack Grealish and his winning goal against the other team, Cardiff City. Apparently, the prince was so thrilled by the win, The Mirror reports he told fans, "I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack." He then reportedly paused and added, "... or Jackie."

Hmm... William, did you just accidentally reveal you and Middleton will soon welcome another boy? Of course, his statement doesn't mean they are going to become parents of a boy again the third time around — perhaps he was just trying to praise Grealish and then realized how it might come off — but his words are definitely hard to ignore.

There hasn't been an official announcement regarding their third child's sex and everyone is going to have to wait to find out until after Middleton gives birth. That's how it worked with both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Fans have been trying to guess for awhile now what Middleton is having. Many seem to think she's pregnant with a boy, based on how many blue outfits she's been wearing during her third pregnancy. Furthermore, William, Middleton, George, and Charlotte all wore blue for their 2017 Christmas card. Were they trying to hint at the baby's sex?

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That said, there are people who think the Duchess of Cambridge is trying to throw people off the scent. As one person tweeted in March, "Kate Middleton is wearing so much blue!!!! Is it bc she’s having a girl and she wants us to think it’s a boy? Or is it a boy but she wants us to think she’s hoodwinking us into thinking it’s a girl when it’s actually a boy!"

The day the newest addition to the royal family arrives, it will be interesting to see if it's a baby boy. Like usual, there are already bets being placed on what Middleton and William will name their next child. According to People, Ladbrokes reported British bookies believe Albert and Arthur are the most likely. Philip, after Prince Philip, William's grandfather, is also a possible choice. If it's a girl, Alice and Mary are both favored.

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Royal followers will find out soon enough the sex of their third child, because Middleton is due in April, as Kensington Palace confirmed in October 2017. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2018," the palace revealed on Twitter. Her due date might be April 23, according to reports, but it was never officially confirmed.

Furthermore, People reported on April 9 temporary parking restrictions for April 9 through April 30 were set up outside of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington, West London. This is the same private wing where Middleton gave birth to both George and Charlotte. The fence outside of the Lindo Wing was also painted, which was taken as a sign that the baby would be here soon.

Who else is excited to see the easel outside Buckingham Palace announcing the birth? There's a lot of anticipation, but, it sure sounds like William and Middleton supporters don't have to wait too much longer.