The ‘Stranger Things’ Creators Respond To Allegations Of Verbal Abuse On Set — REPORT

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On Thursday, March 8, a former Stranger Things crew member shared allegations of verbal abuse on set of the Netflix series. According to Deadline, the crew member, Peyton Brown, later identified series creators Matt and Ross Duffer as the ones responsible for this alleged abuse. In her Instagram post, Brown claims to have witnessed the men allegedly "seek out and verbally abuse" women on the set. As a result, Netflix reportedly looked into the allegations and said in a statement that they found "no wrongdoing." The Duffer brothers also responded to the claims and said they are "deeply upset to learn that someone felt uncomfortable on our set." They added that they don't want anyone to "mischaracterize" the set.

In a statement to Bustle on Saturday, a Netflix spokesperson said,

As for Brown's post, tied to International Women's Day, she wrote,

While Brown didn't explicitly name the Duffers, she reportedly later clarified that she was talking about them in the comment section. The comments have since been removed, but Entertainment Tonight Canada has screenshots of her allegations of verbal abuse, which reportedly includes claims that the brothers yelled at, insulted, and threatened female crew members. She further claims that some people were fired or forced to quit as a result of the alleged verbal abuse.

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On Saturday, the Duffers issued the following a statement to Bustle, emphasizing their commitment to provide a "safe and collaborative" work environment:

Brown's Instagram post went on to praise other men she has worked with in the industry, and her desire to seek employment elsewhere. She wrote,

The mention of "Time is up" is likely a nod to Hollywood's Time's Up movement, which aims to promote equality and end harassment in the workplace, and to make working environments safe for women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and everyone else.

Stranger Things has been renewed for Season 3, and the show is in the early stages of production. It's currently unclear how these allegations may impact filming, if at all.