'Raven's Home' Just Got Even More Nostalgic

I wonder if Raven saw this one coming. As reported by E! News, Raven's Home, aka the That's So Raven reboot, is bringing back Raven's first love, Devon. Wait, there's more. It turns out he is also the father of her twins. That's right, Raven and Devon got married — and divorced. Don't worry if you can't decide if you are crushed or elated (or both) by this news, because it's not everyday you find out one of your favorite childhood TV couple ended up in such a realistic relationship.

The good news is, even though they are no longer married, Raven and Devon are going to be co-parenting their 11-year-old twins, Booker and Nia. And yes, the show did get Jonathan McDaniel to reprise the role of your tween heartthrob. Go ahead and start swooning now, because it doesn't look like McDaniel has lost any of Devon's charm.

No doubt it will be exciting to see Devon and Raven as adults who have been through a failed marriage together. Raven's first love managed to survive a long-distance relationship when she was in high school, but adulthood is far more complicated than navigating dance invitations and wacky psychic visions. By revealing that Raven and Devon's marriage didn't work out, Raven's Home is adding an extra bit of reality to ground the show's supernatural elements, much in the same way the original show mixed humor with honest emotions.

As excited as I am to see Devon again, I'm not too bummed about the divorce angle. After all, if Raven wasn't a single mom, she wouldn't have a reason to move in with her high school BFF Chelsea. These two besties are going to be raising their kids together, and tackling life like total bosses. Having Chelsea and Raven work together to create a loving home for their blended family is such a satisfying concept, it's hard to be sad about Devon and Raven's breakup.

Besides, knowing that the two continued their romance long after they graduated and had kids together means they have a powerful bond. Who knows, these two crazy kids might end up together after all, and even if they don't, That's So Raven Devon/Raven shippers are going to be given the unexpected treat of seeing their favorite couple share the small screen together again. You don't need a crystal ball to get psyched about this reunion — no matter what happens, Devon and Raven are always going to be in each other's lives, and that is seriously awesome news.