All 20 TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix This Week, Including A Ryan Murphy Satire


For basically forever, Ryan Murphy has been associated with Fox and its subsidiary networks. Glee, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and virtually every other one of the prolific writer/producer's projects have aired on either Fox or FX. But last year, Murphy signed a huge deal with Netflix to develop new content for the service. And among the new shows and movies coming to Netflix this week is Murphy's first project for the streaming giant.

Murphy's new show, which he co-created with frequent collaborators Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk, is The Politician. It's about an extremely ambitious high schooler named Payton Hobart (Pitch Perfect's Ben Platt) who runs for student body president, with his ultimate goal of being President of the United States one day. The campaign is, of course, off the wall in true Murphy fashion, with a number of colorful characters populating the proceedings. Gwyneth Paltrow is Payton's eccentric mother, Lucy Boynton is his main rival, Dylan McDermott and January Jones are said rival's parents, Zoey Deutch portrays his running mate, and Murphy mainstay Jessica Lange is the scheming godmother of Deutch's character. Even screen legends Bette Midler and Judith Light show up in supporting roles, showing that Murphy spared no expense in making his first Netflix series something special.

But even if Murphy isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other films and series landing on Netflix this week. Check out the full list below.


'Team Kaylie' - Sept. 23

This youth-aimed Netflix original looks straight out of the Disney Channel.


'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' - Sept. 24

The eighth season of Ryan Murphy's horrorfest hits Netflix this week, so if you're not caught up yet, now's your chance.


'Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself' - Sept. 24

Apparently Jeff Dunhman is still doing comedy, and you can watch his new special if that's your thing.


'Abstract: The Art Of Design': Season 2 - Sept. 25

Season two of this series all about design will give you new appreciation for the various things you look at every day.


'Birders' - Sept. 25

Mexican and American bird-watchers come together to protect border-crossing birds in this new doc.


'El Recluso' - Sept. 25

An American Marine poses as an inmate at a Mexican prison in an attempt to infiltrate a gang and solve a crime in this Mexican series. Good luck with that.


'Furie' - Sept. 25

Things get pretty intense in this female-led Vietnamese action thriller.


'Glitch': Season 3 - Sept. 25

This Aussie drama about people who mysteriously return from the dead returns for season three.


'Explained': Season 2 - Sept. 26

Ever wonder why things are the way there are? This show will answer your most-pressing questions.


'The Grandmaster' - Sept. 26

Discover the life story of legendary Wing Chun grandmaster and Bruce Lee teacher Ip Man in this action biopic.


'Bard Of Blood' - Sept. 27

This new spy thriller series from India is one slick-looking production.


'Dragons: Rescue Riders' - Sept. 27

If you're still depressed over the conclusion of the How to Train Your Dragon film series, then maybe this new spinoff series will ease your suffering.


'El Marginal': Season 3 - Sept. 27

The third season of this crime drama from Argentina is here and things are getting serious.


'In The Shadow Of The Moon' - Sept. 27

Things get awfully timey-wimey in this new sci-fi mystery, starring The Last Man on Earth's Cleopatra Coleman, Dexter's Michael C. Hall, and Logan's Boyd Holbrook.


'Locked Up': Season 4 - Sept. 27

After Orange Is the New Black, it's time to get into a new show set in a women's prison with this Spanish series.


'The Politician' - Sept. 27

Ryan Murphy's latest will probably shatter what little faith you have left in politics.


'Skylines' - Sept. 27

This German series is a far cry from Dark, but its tangled web of hip hop and organized crime may end up dragging you in just as much.


'Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury' - Sept. 27

Netflix loves them some anime, and this new film from Grammy-winning musician Sturgill Simpson is the network's latest effort in the genre.


'Gotham': Season 5 - September 30

The final season of the Batman prequel series lands on Netflix just in time to save the city from the forces of evil.


'Mo Gilligan: Momentum' - September 30

The English comedian brings his across-the-pond style to Netflix in this new stand up special.

Ryan Murphy has plenty of company on Netflix this week, meaning you definitely won't be left scrambling for something new to stream.