Uh-Oh, This 'Stranger Things' News Is Worrisome

by Courtney Lindley

Hawkins, Indiana doesn't appear to have figured out its monster problem just yet. As of late, the show's creators and actors have been coughing up plot details for Stranger Things Season 2. Not unlike, lest you forget, Will coughing up that nasty slug thing in the Season 1 finale. Thanks to a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, some vital Stranger Things Season 2 plot points have finally been revealed, including what's up with the Upside Down.

If the teaser trailer (which boasted, "The world is turning upside down") wasn't enough of a hint, the show's co-creators spoke to EW and confirmed what we all simultaneously feared and hoped would be true — the Upside Down is ajar. In other words, the alternate dimension is still unsecured and more monsters could escape at any moment. Run, run for you life, Dustin!

However, co-creator Matt Duffer says that we'll be finding “different kinds of horror” in Season 2. Though this sounds like an allusion to horrors that fall outside of your typical throat slugs and Demogorgons, how many more "different kinds of horror" can there be? Because that sky spider in the teaser trailer sure feels like the apex. (That's a real question I'm posing for you, Duffer. Respond at your convenience.)

Did you see it?

What is that? (Besides my own personal, arachnophobic nightmare fuel.)

EW also reported that the Hawkins National Laboratory is still open. This time, it's run by Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) who appears to be "seemingly friendly." Which is obviously code for "not at all friendly." As we learned in Season 1, the lab and the Upside Down go hand-in-hand, because at the lab, there's a gate to enter the Upside Down. This is actually why the monster was able to leave the dimension in the first place and ruin everyone's lives (thanks for nothing, Hawkins Lab Security).

However, just because the lab is open, does not mean that the gate to the Upside Down within the lab is open. For all we know, there are multiple — infinite, even — entrances to the Upside Down. Which might explain how that giant monster sky spider was able to escape. It would also intensify the stakes in Season 2. With multiple entry points, how will Jim Hopper, and any of the Hawkins residents (including Joyce's new boyfriend Bob, and newcomers Billy and Max) contain what's in that parallel universe? Or will it just be a monster free for all?

As of the season finale, Eleven seems to have defeated the Demogorgon (or at least split him into a million particles and made him disappear so she could eat her waffles in peace). But, he could have monster brothers and sisters, or monster friends, looking for revenge. Or maybe the Demogorgon's disappearance and the events leading up to it somehow ripped a bigger inter-dimensional tear, and now all hell has broken loose and everyone's doomed. I hope that's not the case, though. Still pulling for a Season 3.

We don't know what all this Upside Down info means for the residents of Hawkins, but if any of my theories are correct, Barb's family should immediately lock their doors and not — I repeat, not — go near any pools. Please, someone tell them.