‘Will & Grace’ Fans Are Going To Freak Out Over This Reboot News

As fans geared up for its long-awaited revival to premiere on Sept. 28, NBC has reportedly decided to renew Will & Grace for another season before it even airs. According to TV Line and Entertainment Weekly, the news comes just after the beloved series' ninth overall season was extended by four additional episodes — making a 16 episode season. And the revival's second season, and the series' tenth overall, has already been slated for at least 13.

Reasons for the episode extension and tenth season pickup have yet to be announced, but one can only imagine that fan excitement since the airing of Will & Grace's special 2016 presidential election episode had a lot to do with it. Because shortly after its release, an official revival was announced in January 2017.

The TV gods must've been paying close attention to fan outcries, because knowing that there's a possibility Will & Grace will never come to an end is probably the greatest gift ever. So for all of you wondering what the college best friends have been up to over the years, or where Karen would be today, wonder no longer. You'll have more than enough time to catch up with the old gang.

After all, mashing 10 years of catching up into one season seems like it would be pretty hard to do. Because, hey, even the Gilmore Girls' four-part revival left a lot of unanswered questions for viewers.

So far, it's been announced that the revival will totally ignore the series' original finale — foreshadowing to a time when Will and Grace started their own families and were no longer close friends. Instead the stars will still be residing in their New York City digs, single, and without any children to raise. The storyline redirection came at a dismay for many, but to be fair, creator Max Mutchnick wrote the 2006 finale not expecting the show to ever return.

Trying the bury the visions of Debra Messing and Will Truman's iconic characters being married adults and parents to adorable tots into the subconscious may definitely be hard for some to do. But trusting in the show's new direction could be worthwhile. After all, garnering a season renewal before the revival even airs has to mean that the writers are onto something good.