The Zoom Party You Should Host This Weekend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Zoom Party You Should Host, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We're all collectively trying to navigate our bizarre new state of reality right now — one aspect of which is that our social lives have become mostly dependent on Zoom and other video conferencing apps. Zooming with friends is the new social distancing gathering of choice and hosting a Zoom party is an awesome way to liven things up and have some social fun while you're stuck at home or unable to see your friends in person. This is our new normal, and we're making the most of it.

That said, it's still nice to mix things up and plan a Zoom party that's got a unique theme, vibe, or plan. If you're anything like me, maybe you'll host a Britney Spears music video viewing party. But if you're fresh out of ideas, then let the cosmos be your guide. Looking to your zodiac sign for creative inspiration is a solid way to brighten up your social life this weekend.

Round up your Zoom invites, slap on a little mascara, and get ready to party this weekend — Zoom party, that is. Read on for some cosmic inspiration on the Zoom party you should host this weekend, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Host A Zoom Dance Party

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Yes, we all miss dancing and sweating to a good beat until the sun comes up, but you can still bring the joy of dance to your friend group by hosting a Zoom dance party. Take playlist requests from attendees before the party, put together a shared Spotify playlist, and let yourselves go wild.

Taurus: Host A Mimosa Brunch

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The only thing a Taurus misses more than going out with friends is hitting brunch together the morning after to debrief and chug some bottomless mimosas. Pick a time one morning on a weekend for virtual brunch with friends via Zoom — mimosas are a must, hash browns are optional. Oh, and yes, PJs are totally acceptable.

Gemini: Host A Trivia Party

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You love a good factoid, so mix things up by hosting a good ole fashioned trivia night like we used to attend at our favorite pubs, except do it on Zoom. It's easy to plan a virtual trivia night, and the plus of hosting it yourself is you can come up with personalized questions on your own that are tailored to you and your friends' interests of you. There are lots of of trivia questions available online, too.

Cancer: Host An Arts & Crafts Session

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Water signs are naturally creative spirits, so unite your crew by hosting a virtual arts and crafts session. Ask friends to gather up whatever fun, crafty project they plan to work on — it could be anything from an adult coloring book to a jewelry-making project. Then, turn on some music and virtually hang out together while you craft, and take advantage of being able to ask for each other's creative feedback at any time.

Leo: Host A Virtual Happy Hour

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Ah, happy hours, how we miss thee. It's always nice to let off some steam after a long week with a fun, low-pressure drink with friends — so recreate the magic virtually by hosting a Zoom happy hour. Ask your friends to bring a drink of choice, then meet up for a casual hang out to catch up on your day, vent about work (or your lack thereof), and get some much-needed social connection.

Virgo: Host A Zoom Self-Care Hour

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Virgos are one of the zodiac's masters of self-care, so host a fun slumber-party-esque virtual self-care party. Ask your friends to bring whatever they need to pamper themselves — face masks, deep conditioning treatments, cuticle pushers. Throw on a robe and socialize while you do your at-home, self-care routine. Bonus points if someone in your squad joins the call from their bathtub.

Libra: Host A Groovy '60s Gathering

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Aesthetic Libras love a good theme party — and what could be more fun than a '60s theme hangout? Utilize Zoom's virtual background and ask that guests choose a groovy, '60s themed image. And of course, encourage everyone to wear their hippest summer of love-themed threads.

Scorpio: Host A Virtual Movie Night

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As a water sign, you tend to be more introverted and like to keep your social gatherings intimate, so invite a few friends to tune in for a Zoom movie night and have someone share their screen to stream the film. Don't forget snacks!

Sagittarius: Host A Gratitude Circle

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As a Sag, you're the most philosophical of the fire signs, so put your deep thoughts to good use and host a gratitude gathering. Ask your friends to come up with three things they're grateful for that they're wiling to share. Allow conversations to spark and flow naturally as you go around the virtual circle and watch the connections flow.

Capricorn: Host A Formal Dinner Party

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Capricorns are classic and classy, so ask your friends to get themselves together (aka change out of their sweats), cook themselves a meal, pour a glass of wine, and join you on Zoom for a formal virtual dinner party. This is a great morale booster that can help us socialize while also feeling like we have our acts together — sort of.

Aquarius: Host A Board Game Night

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As an air sign, you're naturally thought-focused, which can make a board game or card game night a fun virtual endeavor. Zoom game nights are easy to plan, especially because many games translate perfectly to a virtual platform. Pick a game that all your friends likely own such as Cards Against Humanity, or you can choose from lots of virtual card games via

Pisces: Host A Virtual Tarot Reading Party

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Spiritual Pisces love to get a little witchy, so host a fun and mystical gathering with your coven, complete with Tarot readings (or other spiritual practices of choice, like Reiki healing or astrology readings). Grab your Tarot or oracle card deck and pull a card for each person at the party and discuss. It's a great way to open up emotional and healing conversations while offering something useful in return.