These Are The Best Makeup Products Of 2017, According To Your Fave Beauty Vloggers

With all of the trends and makeup launches in the past year, it can be hard to keep up with the truly great makeup out there. Thankfully, your favorite beauty YouTubers are here to help. The Best Of Beauty 2017 videos are here, so you can make sure your makeup arsenal is locked and loaded for the new year.

A lot happened last year in the beauty community. There was a massive surge in unicorn themed everything, face masks that were made of glitter were a thing, and even a bath bomb that turns your water into jelly were created. But some of the best items of the year weren't the trendiest. They were the ones that work for everyday use. Because at the end of the day — er, year — you want something that works no matter what to occasion is.

Top beauty vloggers have taken to YouTube to put all of their favorite makeup and skincare products into one video. From their favorite bold and neutral lipstick hues to their top concealers, the videos have everything you'll need to get your makeup bag stocked up for the new year.

This is the makeup moment you've been waiting for all year. So get your wallets, pen, and paper ready, because you'll be watching these for the rest of the day.

1. I Covet Thee

Alix of I Covet Thee put together all the products that she has used the most in the past year. She goes through high and low end products as well as makeup and skincare. It's basically the holy grail for all the minimalist makeup lovers out there.

2. GlamLifeGuru's High-End Finds

If you're into high end item, this is the video for you. Tati Westbrook spends a lot of time test extremely pricey and niche products, and she's giving an entire list of the best ones out there. Because if you're going to spend a lot of money, you want it to be worth it.

3. GlamLifeGuru's Drugstore Finds

Westbrook is also the queen of drugstore finds. Yes, she does it all. She put together an entire list of the best affordable products of the year as well. What more could you possibly ask for?

4. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen gives an in-depth review of hair, body, skincare, makeup, and even fragrance review. She gives a ton of products that other vlogger might have missed too, like all-natural deodorant and body lotion.

5. Grav3YardGirl

It can be hard to pick your very favorite product of the year. Especially because there are so many. So this video lays of 17 of the top makeup items instead.

6. Marie Jay

If you want tons of options — high and low — this is the video for you. Mary Jay doesn't choose just one product from each category, but multiple ones from each.

7. Nicole Guerriero

This isn't exactly a short list of favorites, but it spans throughout hair, makeup, and skincare products. Basically, one 30 minute video will give you everything you need to head into the new year.

8. Alissa Ashley

Instead of just a normal sit-and-talk video, this one is a tutorial, so you can see all the best products in action.

9. Andréa Matillano

Looking to go cruelty free int he new year? This is the place to start. You'll get eye, lip, cheek, and face products you need to give your makeup bag a purposeful boost.

10. Madison Miller

As someone who doesn't always do favorites, this YouTuber pulled out all of the stops for the end of the year. She's sharing all of her best beauty products, and you can buy every single one at Sephora.

11. Kandee Johnson

This year might have sucked, but the makeup didn't. This video will give you all the best new makeup of the year as well as great advice from Kandee Johnson.

May 2018 be brighter with these best of beauty finds.