'Dawson's Creek' Crying Face Meme Is Now A Mobile Sticker

Quidd/Warner Bros. Television

In the age of the reboot, fans are holding out hope that, one day, all of their childhood favorites will get revivals. As a lifelong member of the Dawson's Creek fan club, I so need to find out if Pacey and Joey stayed together and if Dawson's a famous screenwriter now or if his career crashed and burned. I also want to see how Jack is getting on raising Jen's baby. Basically, I want a reboot just as much as anyone, which is why these brand new Dawson's Creek stickers look relevant to my interests.

Thanks to Quidd, fans of the classic Kevin Williamson show can now, according to the app, use stickers of their favorite Dawson's Creek characters to express themselves in text conversations. In the internet age that made Dawson's sad cry a meme, the company certainly knows their audience. And, arguably, Dawson's ugly cry face was the precursor to Kim Kardashian's Kimoji icon. Just sayin'.

In my opinion, a Dawson's Creek reboot that followed the children of the main cast would be beyond brilliant, and, if someone wants to make this, give me a call. But, in the mean time, here are some ideas for Dawson's Creek stickers you could send to your friends right now.

1. All Of Your Favorite Characters Are Here (Except Jack?)

Quidd/Warner Bros. Television

From Joey singing karaoke to Jen wearing her iconic cheerleader outfit, all of your favorites are ready to help express your extremely important emotions about the world.

2. How Many Crying Dawsons Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Quidd/Warner Bros. Television

Or how many crying Dawsons will it take to express your feels today?

3. There's A Dawson's Creek Sticker For Every Situation

Quidd/Warner Bros. Television

If only all your friends really looked like this.

4. Dawson Is Perfect For A Case Of The Mondays

How is it Monday already? Every time.

5. Or When The Commute Is Taking Too Long

Quidd/Warner Bros. Television

Major feels.

Basically, Quidd's TV stickers are certainly one option for expressing yourself in the modern age. And, sticker or no sticker, Dawson's iconic ugly cry meme is a perfect reaction for almost every situation.