These 'Friends' Shot Glasses Are Full Of The Best References To The Show

Box Lunch

The celebration of the Friends 25th anniversary, which arrived in September, surely hasn't ended yet. Our latest discovery is a trio of Friends shot glasses perfect for you and your whole squad, so you can really drink in style. Each shot glass is delightfully themed with iconic moments, memories, and quotes from the show. You can purchase them online at BoxLunch. In case you thought you already have too many shot glasses, you don't.

The first shot glass is a no-brainer — and ode to our favorite fictional coffee shop, Central Perk. The glass is solid black with the memorable logo proudly displayed. Second, we have a real winner: a shot glass featuring Marcel the monkey, the Holiday Armadillo, and Monica's turkey head — plus a few more fan favorites. Monica dancing with a turkey on her head (wearing sunglasses) is a scene we'll never forget. And last but not least, the third shot glass reads, "They don't know that we know that they know," surrounded by coffee cups and of course, a lobster. ("He's her lobster!")

Even if you hate the taste of alcohol, any real Friends fan will understand the significance of these shot glasses, because you can never have too much Friends merchandise — especially when it comes to celebrating the show's 25th anniversary. Grab all three and put them on display, right next to your Central Perk mug from Pottery Barn.

It's an exciting time for the iconic sitcom, which is an experiencing a rebirth of sorts, thanks to hitting the 25-year mark post-production. How many times can you remember celebrating a show's 25-year anniversary in your life? That would be... zero. And there's a good reason: Very few shows left an impression on us like Friends did. It taught us that life isn't complete without your best buddies to have your back, that it's perfectly OK to date one guy, have his baby, and then date his best friend, and that you can indeed live in a rather spacious, impossibly trendy apartment in New York even if you don't have any money to pay for it. (That's what we call "Hollywood magic.")

If you don't want to stop at the shot glasses and you already hit up Pottery Barn to check out their replica of Rachel's apothecary table, fret not, because there's plenty more merchandise to choose from. Urban Outfitters has its own Friends collection, which includes a pint glass, an activity book, posters, a phone case, and apparel. Hot Topic got in on the fun, too, with a travel mug, lunch sack, journal, pillow cover, and water bottle, because staying hydrated is important.

And don't forget that there's plenty to choose from on Etsy. They've got tons of Friends decor (like a yellow peephole frame that looks just like the original) and stuff you can use for your wedding, like these wine labels, sold by CoconutGarden.

These big anniversaries only come once, so we better do it up right. Be sure to stock up on your own Friends merch so you're ready to go when you sit down to marathon-watch it.