You Can Buy Frosé Pouches For Your Freezer & Drink Them At Home Now

Chanmé Frosé

Finally a solution to life's biggest problem — how does one frosé in their own home? Sure, frosé — or frozen rosé — is the ultimate summer treat, but damn if you try to put a whole bottle of wine in a blender without it making a real mess. Luckily, having at-home frosé just got so, so much easier. In fact, frose pouches for your freezer are now a thing. That's right, Chanmé Frosé (an actual real brand name), is making freezer pouches of frosé for your home. It's a glorious time to be alive.

Rather than messing around with a blender, you can simply put the pouch in the freezer until your rosé becomes frosé, then just squeeze it, slurp it, pour it, bop it — OK, don't bop it, but drink it in any way you choose.

And this is not a watered-down, sugared-up frozen drink — we're talking about the real deal.

"Chanmé Frosé is a wine specialty product that caters to modern day consumers’ tastes and needs," the description explains. "Frosé is a lightly sweetened and frozen version of Rosé wine. We are the only pre-packaged frozen wine drink that uses 100% real wine." 100% REAL WINE. And it's 2018 California rosé wine, to be exact.

A pack of four will cost you just under 20 dollars and you can order it on the — wait for it — Frosé All Day website, AKA your spiritual home. They come in at 6.9% alcohol, so a single 10 oz pouch is about the equivalent of a glass of wine — please frosé pouch responsibly.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your rosé if you're not into the frosé idea. There are a lot of great non-alcoholic rosé options out there, which may not be as fun but are probably infinitely more hydrating in the hot summer months. You can even get Angry Orchard's Spritz Rose Hard Cider if you want your rosé to come from a can instead of a pouch. The opportunities are endless.

But if it's the pouch that appeals to you and drinking with ease sounds like your thing, well, then get ready for your lazy butt to be living its best life. Drink pouches (basically just adult-style Capri Suns) are now very much on-trend, because so many of us out there just can't be bothered to deal with putting in the effort to make a complicated drink. Malibu Drink Pouches are giant, boozy drinks that are perfect for a day at the beach. High Key Wine Pouches are, well, they're just what they sound like — pouches and pouches and pouches of WINE. Seriously, pretty soon you should be able to get everything in pouch form. Cocktails. Beer. Soup. I don't know, ice cream? The point is, life is improving for us lazy people all the time.

And in the world of pouched drinks, it's safe to say that there's nothing more on-trend and Instagram-ready then the frosé pouches ready for your freezer. Chanmé Frosé has tapped into a very real summer need — so it's safe to say we'll be seeing a lot of these around this summer. Frosé all the damn day.