These 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Theories Based On The New Trailer Could Change Everything

Helen Sloane/HBO

Just like winter, the final season of Game Of Thrones is coming, and now, fans finally have a look at the first trailer for the upcoming season. It's exactly what fans have been waiting for considering HBO hasn't been very forthcoming with details about the new season. And with this new look comes a whole slew of GoT Season 8 theories based on the new trailer that will make even the most dedicated fans think twice before saying they know what's going to happen in the final season.

Some of these GoT theories have been bandied about before, like the legitimacy of Cersei's pregnancy and the powerfulness of Gendry, who, yes, is actually in this latest trailer after going missing from the new GoT character posters. The new trailer also hints that Arya is going to, once again, cross some names off that kill list of hers, and that the alliance between the Starks and the Targaryens is in full swing. (What does Sansa think about those dragons?) And, to top it all off, this trailer might make fans even more confused about what the new Three-Eyed Raven's role is this season.

Of course, the new GoT Season 8 trailer doesn't give much away, but it definitely will make fans nervous about all their favorite characters who are heading off to war. So instead of worrying about whether Arya will survive the Night King, or if Jon and Dany will be able to overcome their familial relation, until Season 8 premieres in April, why not overthink these possible theories based on a few clues instead? Here are the theories fans can't stop talking about after the Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer.

1.Cersei Isn't Really Pregnant, After All

Some fans have wondered if Cersei was telling the truth when, in the Season 7 finale, she told her brother Tyrion that she was expecting. And in this trailer, they might have their answer. Is it just me, or is that Cersei enjoying a bit of wine at around the one minute and six second mark? This is despite the fact that last time we saw her, she turned down a drink because of the baby. Now it appears that might have all been part of the ruse to trick Tyrion into thinking motherhood would soften her. But like, come on, there's a reason Cersei is currently sitting on the Iron Throne.

2. Gendry Will Forge Lightbringer

Gendry is putting those master blacksmith skills to work in this new trailer by making Valyrian steel. And fans think what he's doing with that steel is forging Lightbringer, the sword that belongs to Azor Ahai, also known as the Prince Who Was Promised. Yes, FINALLY fans might get an answer to the question of who is Azor Ahai? Oh, and they'll also get to see Gendry flex those muscles of his.

3. Arya Will Go To Battle For The First Time

For the first time, fans will get to see Arya in battle, possibly the biggest in GoT history. Even better, she seems to be showing off a similar spin move to that of her (kind of) brother Jon Snow. Apparently, the Starks have a lot of style.

4. Jon Snow Will Ride A Dragon

Not only that, he'll likely get to ride Rhaegal, "the dragon named after his father" Rhaegar Targaryen, according to a fan named @hemsmaddn. Up until now, Daenerys had been the only person to ride the dragons alone. If Jon Snow does jump on board, it might prove the "dragon has three heads" theory which says that there there will be three dragon riders in A Song of Ice and Fire. A big deal since it's believed that dragon fire could be one of the keys to taking down the Night King's army, which now has a dragon of its own with the now very icy Viserion.

5. What Is Arya So Scared Of?

“I know death, he’s got many faces, I look forward to seeing this one," Arya says in the opening moments of the trailer, teasing that she might finally finish off that kill list. But the fact that we see her bloodied and scared as she runs away from something has fans wondering if this is a sign that we should all be scared of what this death face looks like. Could it be someone familiar?

6. The Meaning Behind Cersei's Tears

It's not very often that Cersei cries, which is why one fan named @siriuslylit wonders if those tears in the trailer are a sign that her brother Jaime doesn't make it. After all, they point out, "the last time Cersei cried was when [her daughter] Myrcella died in season 6." It's possible she would also shed a few for the man she loves.

7. Is This Aegon Targaryen?

There's a guy in the trailer who as of now is still a mystery. But one fan named @natsfert thinks this blonde man, who you only see the back of, could be Aegon Targaryen, also known as Young Griff. And while his name might not sound familiar to the casual GoT fan, those who follow the books know that Aegon, the other son of Jon Snow's dad Rhaegar is alive and well. (FYI: Rhaegar named two of his sons Aegon, since that's Jon Snow's real name, too.) This Aegon could possibly be the real Prince Who Was Promised. Oh, and he could be the character who has the power to change the entire plot of Game Of Thrones.

For now, these are just theories, guesses at what's to come in this final run of episodes. After the show finally returns on April 14, though, fans will get some answers.