These 'Love Island' Couples Are Still Together & Proving That Love Is Real

: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

When you’ve been tuning Love Island every night for however many weeks, the continuous drama tends to overshadow the show’s main purpose — a bunch of singletons jetting off to Majorca to find their perfect match. But even if you’ve found love on the island, it remains to be seen whether that’ll last outside the confines of the villa. It may not seem like it, but the reality show has actually succeeded in producing some long-lasting relationships. I mean, all you’ve got to do is look at these Love Island couples that are still together to see how the show can work wonders.

Sure, there aren’t that many couples that have actually stayed together after leaving the villa. I mean, the choice of who they decide to couple up with is entirely down to the contestants — there’s no matchmaking involved to make it any easier. But there have been many instances where a couple clicks, and they make it work in the villa and back on British shores. And even with the latest series, the couples that have been dumped may still be in the early days of their relationships, but they’re willing to make it work. So here are seven Love Island couples that are still going strong even after their time in the Spanish sun.

1. Olivia Buckland & Alex Bowen

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen met during the second series of the show in 2016, and they were the first Love Island couple to get married after tying the knot last September according to the Mirror. Speaking to the newspaper, Buckland discussed how she and Bowen made their relationship work and how they have remained strong since leaving the villa.

“Part of me believes it’s fate and it just works because it works and it’s a rare anomaly that it happened,” she said. “But then another part of me thinks we did work at it and we trust each other and we also get on really well.”

“I just feel like we work, there’s no way to explain it,” Bowen explained in an interview with Metro. “We were very lucky and I’m very lucky that we met, and I’m very grateful.”

2. Anton Danyluk & Belle Hassan

Despite only just being dumped from the villa, it seems that Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan are already looking forward to the future of their relationship. "We clicked the minute we met, instantly attracted. Definitely a romantic and sexual attraction, and we're good friends too," Anton said after leaving the villa.

"We have a challenge in the distance. She's in London and I'm in Scotland. But we'll see each other twice a week or so. I'm looking forward to doing silly things like playing music in the car."

Hassan had similar sentiments, adding: "We've been genuine, real and try to be ourselves. We haven't faked anything. We haven't allowed ourselves to get wrapped up in it all, we're realistic about things."

"It's cemented a solid foundation and we can hopefully get through the challenges of missing each other. The future looks good."

3. Carla De Hoyde & Nathan Massey

Even though the 2016 winning couple did part ways for a brief time, Carla De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are now happily married and raising their young son Freddie.

"With us, we did split up, then we got back together. We stayed together for such a long time because we had expectations from the public because they voted for us and we didn't want to let them down," Hoyde explained during an interview on Good Morning Britain (via Manchester Evening News). "Then we split up."

Massey added: "We needed that space apart from each other to realise how much we loved each other."

4. Chris Taylor & Harley Brash

It's very early days for Chris Taylor and Harley Brash, but the couple seem to still be going strong despite being voted off only a few days into their coupling. "It's still really early for me and Chris," Brash said after exiting the villa. "We're going to see how things go on the outside. He's so lovely and he's so sweet. So, I'm excited to see where it goes."

"Meeting Harley was obviously a highlight," Taylor added. "It's really early doors for us, we didn't get to spend loads and loads of time together in the villa."

"It's anyone's guess at the moment. It could be a thing but we need to spend more time together in a real-life environment to know whether anything could work."

5. Jessica Shears & Dom Lever

One of only two couples to get married after meeting on Love Island, Jessica Shears and Dom Lever have been going strong since meeting on the show in 2017. Shears and Lever ended up getting engaged a few months after Love Island ended, and were married by October 2018 as The Sun reports.

In May this year, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child on Instagram with an adorable photo of an ultrasound with two photos of the pair beside it. Shears and Lever aren’t the first couple from Love Island to become parents though, as Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison from the first series in 2015 welcomed their baby girl to the world in May 2017 as Heat World reports.

6. Danny Williams & Jourdan Riane

Despite being a pretty solid couple, it turns out that Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane have yet to make it official even after leaving the villa. In a recent interview on Lorraine, Riane mentioned that even though the two had met each other's family, they've yet to formally agree to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

"We're like really close, I'm just waiting on him!" she said. "We've established we're best friends, and I've always said I want a best friendship before a relationship."

7. Camilla Thurlow & Jamie Jewitt

After meeting on Love Island in 2017, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt are still together, much like their fellow contestants Jessica Shears and Dom Lever. While Thurlow and Jewitt have yet to get married, they’re still going strong.

“I definitely trust Jamie, 100 per cent. Any relationship has its challenges, mine and Jamie’s included,” Thurlow said in an interview with The Sun, when talking about her ITVBe show What Camilla Did Next. “Everyone’s relationship has complexities. It can be tricky.”

“We have a private life but in a public space. That can mean there’s often an information time lag […] Some days are trickier than others and you have to gauge how much you engage in everything, like do you go back and explain? Maybe the show happened at a good time because now people will get to see how we deal with it.”

Hopefully whoever ends up winning this year's Love Island will follow in the footsteps of these happy couples!