Intriguing Theories About The 'PLL' Wedding(s)

by S. Atkinson

If love on the small screen is all you're thinking about, then these Pretty Little Liars wedding theories might cause your mind to perform a backflip. Because while watching, it's hard not to develop some fairly out-there predictions. And it's easy to see why everyone's getting so excited — in May 2016, showrunner I. Marlene King confirmed there would be a wedding this season. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with the AOL Build Series, Lucy Hale teased "there's a wedding... or are there two weddings?" And most recently, the trailer for the upcoming episode teased a wedding in the next installment of the show. Yup, this dramatic event is actually happening.

Of course, there are a whole lot of people on the show who can be potential candidates for matrimony. The most obvious, perhaps, is Aria, who's so desperate to get hitched that she's even willing to betray her friends to make it down the aisle before Ezra gets thrown in jail. But given King's fondness for shocking plot twists and surprise developments, I imagine the only thing fans can rely on is that it's going to be a wedding none of them could have predicted. So, let's explore all the theories that are out there.


Spencer & Toby

This feels not unlikely, despite the pair being nowhere near getting back together at the time of writing. After all, why else would the show kill off Yvonne, Toby's actual fiancée? If Spencer wasn't meant to actually end up with her hot detective boyfriend, believe me, Yvonne would still be alive.

But given Spencer's issues with commitment last time around, she'd need to prove to Toby that she'd got past them for him to truly trust in being with her this time.


Emily & Alison

Since the promo for the next episode suggests the wedding is happening, it's got to be a couple who's been getting serious. Aria and Ezra, you might think. Sure, but given Aria's entanglement with A, it seems likely that she'll try and delay the wedding while there's still a chance A could sabotage it.

One pairing that seems very committed to each other right now is Ali and Emily. Given the fact that the blonde finally confessed her feelings to her longtime friend and requested that they be a "family" (rather than simply raising the child together as two single people), the time is ripe for this pair.


Aria & Ezra

OK, fine. Considering the proposal shown in the last video, this is a definite maybe. But just because there'll be a wedding doesn't mean they'll successfully get married — not if A has anything to do with it.


Ashley Marin & Pastor Ted

Because he was a strange one to bring back, right? When fans found that Pastor Ted was Charlotte's father it seemed like a totally unnecessary plot diversion, adding to the already borderline impossible-to-navigate family trees of Rosewood. But given that they've been engaged before, was this just an excuse to bring him back to pop the question more successfully this time around?


Hanna & Caleb

One of the most obvious choices — they're newly reunited, head over heels in love, and stronger than ever.


Mona & Lucas

Bear with me here. Remember how... well... excited Mona got by the design of the sadistic game the Liars are forced into playing? If Lucas really is A.D., then he's just as smart as she is, and she might be into that — maybe even to the extent of getting past Lucas' high school reputation as kind of a nerd.

Poor Mona, she's never found her equal in terms of brain power. But would they leap into a marriage straight off the bat? If he's A.D. and she was once A, then surely anything's possible.


Spencer & Wren

In "The Jenna Thing," Melissa catches Wren cheating on her by kissing her little sister. They've kissed a couple of times since. And in Season 2, episode 3, he confided, "Perhaps my real mistake was falling for the wrong sister." Now he's back in Rosewood and there's no explanation why — we just know that Spencer doesn't want the other Liars to know about his presence. Are they secretly dating on the side?

Look, I'm not saying any of the above are definite — just that if I know Pretty Little Liars, I know you should expect the unexpected.