These Are The Smartest Spider-Man Theories You Need To Know About For 'Avengers 4'

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Spoilers for Infinity War. All Peter Parker wants is to be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and even after the events in Avengers: Infinity War, fans still believe he will be. Despite Spider-Man's dramatic Infinity War death, fans have hope that he'll be brought back in Avengers 4. How that will happen, we don't know, but the smartest Spider-Man Avengers 4 theories have a few pretty good ideas.

Peter, just one of the many casualties of Thanos' evil plan, dissolved into dust at the end of the third Avengers film. In his heartbreaking final moments, he fell into the arms of Tony Stark, his mentor, telling him, "I don't wanna go," as he slowly disappeared. It was a shocking scene, one that many fans have latched onto (it's even become a meme), and is bound to be remembered as one of the most emotional scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But what does it mean for Spider-Man's role in Avengers 4? Fans already know that Spider-Man must be revived in some way or another because the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming has already been announced — in fact, it's currently set for release just a few months after Avengers 4 in 2019. Most fans agree that Spider-Man, along with everyone else who was turned to dust by Thanos, is going to be inside the Soul Stone at the start of Avengers 4, but it's how he gets out that has fans trading theories. And the smartest Spider-Man Avengers 4 theories all have one thing in common: Iron Man.

Spider-Man's Life Will Depend On Iron Man's Death

In keeping with the trading lives theory for Avengers 4, it's been suggested that Iron Man will sacrifice himself to revive Spider-Man. Peter Parker dying in his arms seemed awfully foreshadowing in Infinity War, and looking back at Tony Stark's entire arc since the very first Iron Man movie, it's all been inching him closer and closer to making the ultimate sacrifice — just look at his final heroic act in Avengers.

The theory that Tony will die to save Peter isn't yet fully detailed, but new rumors about the upcoming Spider-Man sequel appear to confirm Iron Man's death. Posting in a Marvel Spoilers reddit thread, user AHarbingerOfStuff shared what they claimed were plot descriptions "from a reliable source," in late May. "Peter is revived, and it appears Tony Stark will indeed die and Peter will be mourning his death," reads the post. Moderators locked the reddit thread, citing AHarbingerOfStuff's lack of "reputation" to lend credibility to the spoiler, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

Spider-Man & Tony Will Fight Side-By-Side One Last Time

It's also possible that Iron Man doesn't sacrifice himself to bring Peter back from the dust, but that he might die in battle to save Spider-Man's life (or, you know, the world). This would mean that the Avengers come up with a non-sacrificial way to revive those taken by the Soul Stone in Thanos' snap, opening up the possibility for Peter and Tony to fight side by side one last time. Marvel creatives have already confirmed that the next Spider-Man film will pick up directly after the ending of Avengers 4.

Speaking of the sequel, Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal noted that it "will start a few minutes after Avengers 4 wraps as a story" in an interview with Fandom. If the next Spider-Man film really is about Peter mourning Tony, then it makes sense that Avengers 4 would end with them fighting together only for Iron Man to die.

Spider-Man Will Be Done With Space

The events of Infinity War brought Peter Parker to a place he never thought he'd go: space, and based on the hints Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has dropped about the future of the MCU, he's not going to go rushing back any time soon. "What is it like to try to go back to normal life after what happens in this movie [Infinity War]? Not to mention what happens in the next [Avengers] movie," Feige told IGN. Whatever happens to Spider-Man in Avengers 4, it looks like it sparks his desire to lay low for a little while, be a normal teenager. Safe to say, no more adventures in space for a while.

There aren't a lot of Spider-Man specific Avengers 4 theories because there aren't many general theories either. But all the theories we do have show that Peter Parker's life will be tied to Tony Stark's death, and fans will have go come to terms with that reality sooner or later.