You Need To Watch The Mic Drop Moment This Bride Swaps Out Her Floral Bouquet For A Doughnut One

There are a few key moments in a person's life that have the power to redefine everything — holding a diploma in your hands for the first time; getting married; having a kid; and, of course, that #blessed moment when a homemade doughnut comes fresh out of the oven and goes directly into your mouth. Out of deference to this superior dessert, one bride carried a doughnut bouquet down the aisle, with her three bridesmaids carrying delicious arrangements to match. Perhaps the sweetest moment, though, wasn't the doughnuts themselves, but the switcheroo that the bride made between the floral arrangement and the doughnut arrangement at the last moment, surprising her bridesmaids just before they all set down the aisle.

Paige Kirk, the bride behind your newly redefined wedding goals, was married on Saturday, Sept. 9, and since then has gone viral for her quirky bouquet choice. "Me and my husband Steven thought it would be different, fun and light hearted," she said to the BBC. The guests "loved them," according to Kirk, who added, ""Everyone thought it was hilarious, and the venue couldn't believe it ... Brides should be a bit more relaxed and have fun!"

Here is the video of the moment Kirk surprised her bridesmaids with their delicious new accessories.

The doughnut bouquets, designed by Dessert Boxes in Sydney, made a special kind of debut at Kirk's wedding — she was the first bride to carry them down the aisle. "We wanted the wedding to be a bit different and really reflect who we are as a couple," she said to the BBC.

There is but one sad fact to report: in all of the hullabaloo, nobody ate any of the donuts on the big day itself. Kirk explained that they'd had lots of "goodies" before the wedding, though, so hopefully everyone was taken care of dessert-wise (which is always my primary concern as both a citizen and a wedding guest).

In the meantime, if you want to see some hella inspired doughnut bouquets and desserts, the Dessert Boxes Instagram will deliver. Here is what their non-bridal doughnut bouquet looks like, in case you want to not-so-subtly text this to bae, for, uh, inspiration.

They have a whole slew of quirky desserts beyond the bouquets, too — some of which are hilariously NSFW. A personal favorite is The Finger, which seems like the gentlest, most delicious way to tell your bestie that it's high time to get their sh*t together. If anything can soften a blow, it's copious amounts of Nutella.

And for any couple that's looking to incorporate donuts into the entire wedding affair, Dessert Boxes will even let you propose with them.

... And then, assuming that they say yes, you can check out the cheeky bachelorette party options on their Instagram (which are DELIGHTFULLY inappropriate).

Of course, Kirk's bold doughnut choice isn't the first time a bride's bouquet has gone viral. Perhaps you remember back in 2016 when a bride went viral after she and the bridal party carried adoptable puppies down the aisle instead of flowers, using her big day to shed light on some four-legged friends in need.

And of course, one of my personal favorites — brides using printed out pages of text from their favorite books as bouquets. It seems like at least once a year a good Harry Potter wedding goes viral, and we get another awesome picture like this.

If bridal bouquets become one more thing that millennials "kill" by making it more fun, then sign me up, y'all. I'll be carrying a bouquet full of grilled cheese and bacon (and probably leaving my husband at the aisle for it, if we're being fully real).