This Couple Got Married On A Megabus & It Was Anything But A Bumpy Ride

by Sarah Fielding
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When you picture where you'll get married one day, odds are you don't see the inside of a megabus. But for Donna and Omar, who met on a megabus two years ago when Omar asked the woman sitting across the aisle from him for a phone charger, a megabus wedding made perfect sense.

The couple says it was love at first sight, but even then there was no way to for them to imagine that one day they'd be back on that bus saying "I do." So how did this couple get married on a megabus?

This past Valentines day, megabus put a call out to couples to enter their Marry Me on a megabus contest where the winning couple would receive a free wedding, taking place on a megabus, two round trip megabus tickets for use on their honeymoon and $2,500 in cash to put towards their celebration. Interested couples were told to share the tale of how they'd met and what made them want to get married on a megabus. When Donna and Omar's submission came up, their passion and excitement came through, plus there was the added bonus that their journey had started right there on a megabus. That megabus meeting was Donna and Omar's inspiration for entering the contest — and it sounds like they got exactly what they wanted.

"We loved how planned the entire day for us so we could simply enjoy the special occasion surrounded by our closest friends and family," Donna and Omar tell Bustle.

While you may be thinking that getting married aboard a megabus sounds a little bumpy, you'll be relieved to hear that the bus was fully parked when Donna and Omar got married. The couple is based in New York City so the bus picked them and their friends and family up there. They then drove down to Atlantic City where the ceremony took place. Once they hit Atlantic City, the bus parked beside the waterfront, and Donna and Omar exchanged vows in front of all of their loved ones.

My favorite part of the day, however, was what happened right after that —the cake. Forgoing the traditional wedding cake, Donna and Omar's cake was actually a mini megabus decked out with a mini bride and groom sitting atop it. It's possibly the cutest cake I've ever seen.

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The joy this contest brought Donna and Omar is obvious, but they're not the only ones to experience love on the bus. It turns out that through their social channels, megabus noticed that they had become a method of keeping connected with loved ones while staying within their budget. They also found engagements were taking place on megabuses and decided to take it one step further and give a lucky couple a great wedding, no cost necessary.

The couple says that while they had always hoped to have a unique wedding, and having that dream come true, for free no less, made it even better. I love the idea of celebrating your love at the place where it all started. It makes the wedding all the more special and unique to your own relationship.

If you're hoping to follow Donna and Omar's lead, I have some bad news. Unfortunately, as of now the "Marry Me on a megabus" contest was a one-time thing, but, considering how much fun it looks like Donna and Omar had, heres hoping there's another marriage on a megabus real soon.