This Video Of Dean & Lesley May Be The Biggest Hint The 'Bachelor' Pair Is Still Together

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Like a Goodyear blimp on a Bachelorette date, two The Bachelor Winter Games contestants are letting their newfound romance soar for all to see. As was made very clear in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy are still together after Winter Games. Not to get as cheesy as that cheese wheel Arie Luyendyk Jr. pointed out during his one-on-one date with Lauren Burnham, but this whole situation between The Bachelor (producer: Alycia Rossiter) Season 17 alum and The Bachelorette (producer: Nicole Woods) Season 13 alum is pretty cute.

The ET interview began with Dean joking that he and Lesley can’t hold hands on camera because it’s “still spoiling” what unfolds on The Bachelor Winter Games (producer: Nikki Lazaran). Spoilers be darned, Dean and Lesley held hands anyway. And then, Lesley complimented his blue eyes, Dean complimented her “big, beautiful meatball eyes,” and they both said they didn’t know too much about each other before they met on Winter Games.

And that first meeting apparently went well. As viewers saw on Tuesday’s Bachelor Winter Games premiere, the Dean and Lesley wasted no time in hitting it off on the Olympics-ified version of Bachelor Pad (art director: Heather Cantrell). Sounds like a familiar Bachelor Nation situation for ol’ Deanie Babies, eh?

Nope, not quite. Lesley told ET that Dean did not pull a Bachelor in Paradise (audio mixer: Cara Kovach) and get into a tumultuous love triangle with two of his housemates this time around. Judging from what Dean and Lesley had to say about their time together on The Bachelor Winter Games, it sounds like Deanie Babies really left his BiP ways in the dust. And thank goodness for that.

“He treats other people with kindness and respect,” Lesley told ET, “and that’s very different than how a lot of people knew him on Paradise, I think.” It looks like the guy who once wore a jockstrap over a singlet on national television is getting back to being the cutie pie the world fell in love with during Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette.

On the first episode of the four-part Winter Games spectacular, sparks that would rival those generated by an ice skate sharpener flew between Lesley and Dean. She opened up to him about a personal matter, he was respectful, and there seemed to be an ease between them almost instantly. After telling Dean that she underwent a double mastectomy last year after testing positive for the BRCA2 gene, Lesley said he’d be the judge of her breast implants. Dean replied that her opinion of her body is the only opinion that matters, before adding that if he had to give his take, he’d say they’re “great boobs.” It was a nice moment. A very good start to what seems to be a very good thing.

It's been a few months since Dean and Lesley struck up a relationship in that Wilmington, Vermont resort, and it appears as though they really are still going strong. Dean can talk about keeping the spoilers to a minimum all he wants, but the cat’s really been out of the bag ever since Us Weekly reported that the two were seen out and about together at Sundance. Oh, don’t forget about all of the quasi-evasive things Dean and Lesley have said about each other since taping Winter Games.

Oh, and don't forget about their Valentine's Day Instagram Stories, which, as Bustle's Associate TV Editor Martha Sorren pointed out on Twitter, suggest they're still together.

They aren't trying that hard to fly under the radar, but hey, it's all good. Oh, and also? It really doesn't get more romantic than saying someone has "big, beautiful meatball eyes" in an interview.