You Can Send This Edible Unicorn Bouquet To Your Long-Distance BFF

Fruit Bouquets

How do you show someone you love them? You could do it with a boombox, you could do it with an over-the-top public gesture, you could do it with ring — or you could do it with an edible unicorn bouquet. That's right, Fruit Bouquets, from the 1-800-FLOWERS delivery service you know and love, has a special unicorn option that looks as delectable as it is magical — and they call it the Dazzlingly Unicorn Delight bouquet. How, exactly, do you make unicorns edible? With pineapple, of course.

"A treat this magical will send them right over the rainbow!" the description explains. "Our sweet, fairytale fruit bouquet features juicy unicorn-shaped pineapple slices, dipped and decorated with colorful manes and golden horns and arrives in an enchanted pink bowl. Fantastically delicious and perfect for sharing, it’s a gift beyond their wildest dreams." The unicorns are pineapple. And they hide the fruit in sugar and happiness. It's a bold move — and one that I'm totally behind.

The bouquet seems to feature a variety of different fruit and, from the picture, it looks like there's some kale in there holding it all together. One thing's for sure — eat all of this and you don't have to worry about scurvy for a long time, which is something I always consider when buying gifts for a loved one.

That being said, all of the unicorn love and scurvy protection doesn't come cheap. This bad boy retails at almost 70 bucks — so you are really showing how much you care. I might just throw a pineapple in their general direction and call it a day.

While unicorns are definitely a thing at the moment, this isn't the only edible treat that's thinking outside of the box. In fact, there's an edible bouquet for pretty much every flavor palate. Harry & David had a donut bouquet for a delicious treat with an upscale twist. Or, if you want something a little more rustic, there is a beef jerky bouquet that you can get for special occasions, because we can't be trusted to keep anything in this world good or pure. Want to jazz up your big day? No worries — you can even give your wedding day an edible bouquet twist, to celebrate your union with your other true love: portable food. Cotton candy bouquets are having a moment, which makes sense because their white and fluffy look is perfect for a whimsical wedding. Pizza wedding bouquets are also an option, which makes sense because they are pizza. And pizza wins. Pizza always wins.

But my personal favorite of the edible bouquet brigade has to be Grillo's pickle bouquet — sweet, salty, and utterly ridiculous, they are surely the truest way to show someone how you feel. (If how you feel is that the person you're giving them to reminds you of brine.)

While some people still love good old-fashioned flowers, there's a reason edible bouquets are so popular — you get to eat them. And if you have a unicorn-lover in your life, then the Dazzlingly Unicorn Delight bouquet certainly looks like an appetizing option, with plenty of magic and whimsy to boot. But you might what to chuck in a pizza delivery, just in case.