This Gary Fisher Update Will Make You Smile

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The sudden death of legendary actor and writer Carrie Fisher has left the world heartbroken. Fisher's family not only had to deal with her loss, but also the loss of her mother, Debbie Reynolds. In this time of grief, fans have wondered how Fisher's beloved service dog Gary is doing after losing his mom. While it's a small comfort in light of so much tragedy for the family, a Twitter update from the Star Wars actor's half-sister Joely Fisher revealed Gary is "happy and well cared for," and it is such a relief to know he is doing OK.

After Fisher's death, Gary is reportedly living with his human sister, Billie Lourd. Lourd lost so much so quickly that it's reassuring to know she has Gary by her side during this painful time. For Fisher, Gary was more than a companion; he helped her deal with her bipolar disorder and the two were inseparable. Lourd has been understandably quiet on social media since the passing of her mother and grandmother, but hopefully Gary is providing her with a source of strength, just as he did for the woman they both loved so much.

In the photo Lourd's aunt posted, Gary looks like his happy self. The pup has amassed an online following of his own over the years, and it's unlikely anyone will tire of seeing Gary anytime soon. While losing Fisher and moving in with Lourd has surely been a big adjustment, Gary was already pals with Lourd's French bulldog, Tina, which must have made his transition at least a little easier.

Gary's loyal fans can rest easy knowing he is still leading a happy dog life. While he no doubt misses Fisher in a way only a beloved pet can, he's settling into his new home and surrounded by the people his mom loved the most. Maybe one day soon, Gary will return to his life as a social media icon, but for now, he seems busy bringing comfort to Lourd and adjusting to his new life. Fittingly, his official Instagram has been devoted to tributes to Fisher in recent weeks.

One thing is certain, even in this dark time, Gary is still bringing joy to the world through his beautiful spirit. Fisher would be so proud.