This Makeup Artist's Super Tiny Palette Swatches Are Hyper-Realistic & Kind Of Adorable

Not all swatches are created equal. While you may think that a swatch can't be that complicated, just think about the brouhaha over Kim Kardashian West's inital swatches of her KKW Beauty Contour Powders. While those may have been subpar, this makeup artists mini palette swatches are hyper-realistic and put all other swatches you've seen before to shame. Trust me.

How exactly can a swatch be next level? Sure, you can use a tape outline and create some pretty badass shapes a la your favorite online beauty gurus. Mena Khan, however, is coming for everyone's swatches with mini recreations of each palette on the back of her hand.

Using the shadows themselves, Khan draws entire palettes onto her hands and then fills in the shadows with the real life powders. Basically, they're the coolest swatches you'll ever see.

The mini palettes are direct replicas of existing best-sellers from major brands like Tarte, Too Faced, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. It seems brands are starting to take notice of Kahn's work, too. Tarte reposted one of her images to their own social media pages, saying they were blown away by her talent.

"My inspiration came from my drive to be different, to offer something new in an already-saturated industry," Kahn tells Bustle. "I wanted to combine my love for art with my newfound love for makeup in my very own way.

She added: "Being a committed follower of the beauty community, I often saw many influencers swatching the various shades of a palette on their arms. So I decided to take it up a notch by adding in the palette's component as well, and now here we are."

What exactly do her gorgeous palette swatches look like, though? Feast your eyes on this magic.

Most recently, Kahn recreated Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette, and well, it was bomb to say the least.

While swatches of the Glitter Bomb palette had already showcased how gorgeously pigmented it is, Khan's work takes it to the next level. Not only does her artwork showcase the product as a whole in mini swatches, but she uses the eyeshadows to create the entire piece — palette included.

Khan's abilities seem to know no limit either. In recreating Tarte's Tarteist Pro Palette, she took on a large product with a massive mirror inside and made it look immaculate. However, Khan didn't switch up her technique at all. Those are the real deal shadows at work in the entire art piece.

While the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette may have gotten mixed reviews, Khan's ABH Makeup by Mario palette is a total smash hit, right?

Khan isn't just limited to eyeshadow palettes, however. This copy of the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero highlight palette is gorgeous.

The sheer amount of time Kahn spends crafting the palettes proves just how dedicated she is to her love of makeup.

"Each palette takes me about two hours to make," Kahn says. "Since it's a tiny recreation, I have to go really slow to ensure it's coming out neat and clean."

While Kahn says her love of makeup is new, fans of her work would never know it. Not only does she craft the best swatches on Instagram, but her talent as a makeup artist is just as incredible.

If you've been contemplating purchasing a new palette, love makeup, or just love art, Kahn's Instagram is one you can't miss. With her dedication to crafting the stunning palettes and clear love of makeup, she's a must follow for makeup junkies everywhere.