Is There Something In The Water In 'Stranger Things' S2?

With October still months away, every morsel of information about Stranger Things Season 2 that Netflix offers up feels momentous, and the latest teaser may hold the biggest clue yet. On Wednesday, the show's official Twitter account posted a brief video featuring the pool at Steve's house where Barb is taken by the Demogorgon. The return to the pool is surely more than an homage to the late, great Barb. In the video, the lights flicker before the number "2" appears above the water. That could be a hint about how the Upside Down and Hawkins will continue to be connected in Season 2, or could point to the significance of the locale.

Thanks to Will's little slug problem, the finale hinted that Hawkins' water supply may be contaminated. At this point, the nature of the Upside Down, and the monsters contained therein, is still mysterious. But throughout Season 1, it seems like there are "weak" spots around town where the Demogorgon is more likely to appear. If the monster can use these spots to crossover, then it stands to reason that humans could make use of them as well. What if the pool is one of those spots? It could serve as Eleven's way out of the Upside Down.

One thing seems certain: Steve should probably stay out of his pool for the time being.

The pool as a gateway isn't the only potential meaning behind this cryptic teaser. "Nothing ever went back to normal," reads the caption, and that in itself could be a hint. Will's disappearance is what ultimately kicks off the story, but the party scene made the threat the monster posed even more palpable. For Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan, the party changed their lives and their perception of reality forever.

In the world of Stranger Things, it's best not to take anything for granted. So while this video could be nothing more than a nod to one of the show's creepiest scenes to date, it's just as likely to be pointing fans toward a major clue about Season 2. Namely, don't go in the water. Or drink it.

Epidemics and contamination fears play a huge role in the horror genre thanks to movies like Alien, The Crazies, and The Thing. Between the pool imagery and Will coughing up monster slugs directly into the sink, it feels like there's a solid connection between water and the Upside Down. Now the question fans should be asking themselves is: Is Will contaminating the town, or is the pool a sign that the creatures from the other side will continue to find a way into Hawkins through the same points of entry the Demogorgon used?

The only thing you can be sure of right now is that whatever comes next will surely be terrifying for Mike, Nancy, Eleven, and the rest of the gang.