This YouTuber Does The Best Celeb Transformations

The YouTube beauty community is vast. From incredible beauty vloggers like MannyMUA to talented artists like Jackie Aina, YouTube is a magical place. It's also pretty magical because of Promise Phan's celebrity transformations. While YouTuber vloggers turning themselves into celebrities or popular television and film characters isn't anything new, makeup makeovers always makes our jaw drops. In fact, just a few weeks ago, makeup artist Regina MUA went viral after transforming herself into every Sailor Scout. If you were a fan of her work, the work of Promise Phan is seriously about the blow your mind. This OG YouTuber is a total pro at celebrity and character transformations, and whether she's becoming Mariah Carey or Zayn Malik, it's all brilliant.

While Phan is probably one of the most well-known YouTube celebrity transformation artists, she's definitely not alone. In fact, Michelle Phan, the original YouTube beauty guru has more than her fair share of stunning transformations, from Angelina Jolie to Lady Gaga. Then, there's Kandi Johnson, the incredibly well-known makeup artist who not only creates gorgeous every day makeup looks, but can also transform herself into celebrities like Megan Fox and popular characters like Barbie.

While these beauty gurus' talent can't be slept on, Promise Phan's celebrity transformations are vast. If you're looking for mesmerizing talent, her videos are where to start.

If you want a quick snap shot of just how impressive Phan's transformations are, check out these incredible videos.

1. Anastasia

Considering that the broadway show is well on its way to debuting, this couldn't be ore timely.

2. Mariah Carey

I can't be the only one who thought this was Mariah Carey for real, right?

3. Yzma

She's definitely ready to turn someone into a flea.

4. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus a la "Wrecking Ball" is too good.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Who doesn't want to transform in to J.Lo?

6. Bruno Mars

That's right, Phan even transforms herself into male celebrities.

7. Kate Middleton

So impressive.

Clearly, Phan's talent is next level. While she may not be the only YouTuber giving fans killer transformations, the breadth of her work is stellar, and there's nothing more mesmerizing than her videos.