Here's Where You Can Buy A Chocolate Easter Bunny That Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch

If you’re in the market for a mildly ridiculous and extremely hilarious Easter treat for any Sherlock or Doctor Strange fans in your life, good news: The “Cumberbunny” — a chocolate bunny shaped like Benedict Cumberbatch — is back for 2019. And if you’re wondering exactly where to get a Cumberbunny in 2019, I have even better news: You can order them online and have them delivered to a wide range of locations. Bless you, internet. Bless your bizarre, fandom-filled little soul.

Made by UK-based chocolate shop Chocolatician, the Cumberbunny first made its debut in 2016 — although as Bustle’s Kaitlin Reilly pointed out at the time, it wasn’t the first Benedict Cumberbatch-themed chocolate sculpting project with which bunny mastermind Jen Lindsey-Clark had been involved. The year prior, in 2015, Lindsey-Clark was part of a team of eight people who made a life-sized chocolate recreation of the actor over the course of 250 hours. But while that chocolate Cumberbatch wasn’t available for purchase — it was part of a marketing campaign for a new UKTV on-demand channel — the Cumberbunny is. And even better, you can get him shipped to the United States if you don’t happen to live across the pond.

This year, Chocolatician has three options available: You can get a milk chocolate Cumberbunny, a dark chocolate Cumberbunny, or a limited-edition white chocolate Cumberbunny. The milk chocolate bunny is handmade from Belgian milk chocolate that’s, at minimum, 33.5 percent cocoa and hand-glazed with edible gold “lustre dust”; the dark chocolate one consists of 70.5 percent minimum cocoa Belgian dark chocolate with edible bronze lustre dust; and the white chocolate one is made from Belgian white chocolate with a minimum of 33.5 percent cocoa and finished off not with lustre dust, but with a little bowtie made of 22 carat edible gold leaf.

Each Cumberbunny measures 270mm high by 90mm wide by 130mm long, or about 10.6 inches high by 3.5 inches wide by a little over five inches long, and has a shelf life of six months. Recipients are encouraged not to store the treat in the refrigerator, but to keep it out of both “direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.” He is, the item’s product listing notes, “a sensitive little bunny.”

The treats are normally £50 (about $65) for the milk and dark chocolate varieties and £70 (roughly $91) for the white chocolate one — but right now, they’re all on sale for £39.95. I’d be willing to bet that’s because we’re so close to Easter, which occurs in 2019 on April 21; each item is handmade to order and take between 14 and 18 days to deliver, so we’re, uh, coming down to the wire here.

Speaking of delivery, shipping to the United States (and any other country outside the UK) is expensive; according to the checkout page, “Other Countries” shipping charges amount to £18.00, or around $23.50—and, per the Cumberbunny’s item page, there might also be “additional import taxes on delivery that are not included.” Hopeful customers outside the UK are encouraged to “check with your regional delivery websites” for more information. Then again, if you’ve got the disposable income for it, it might be worth it; where else can you get a chocolate bunny with Benedict Cumberbatch’s face? It’s certainly a memorable Easter treat — that’s for sure.

If, however, you are not up for paying nearly $25 (understandable!), that’s OK. There are still plenty of fun Easter treats to be had stateside, even if they don’t have Benedict Cumberbatch’s chiseled features on them. Try a few unusual Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg flavors. Or White Chocolate Marshmallow M&Ms. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, some Pancake & Syrup-flavored Peeps. The world is your chocolate- and marshmallow-flavored oyster — and if you’re willing to wait until April 22, you’ll be able to get it all on sale. Heck, and yes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do.