Toblerone Ice Cream Exists Now, So All Other Ice Creams Can Officially Go Home


Nothing puts the pep in my step like a delicious piece of Toblerone — the Swiss milk chocolate with tiny chunks of honey and almond nougat magic inside. Any rational person would have a piece or two and call it a day, but I like to keep a full bar in my purse, desk drawer, and glove compartment because nobody controls me. Today is my lucky day, because Toblerone ice cream has arrived, according to INSIDER, and it looks every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Let's start with the logistics. Where, when, how? I want details, and I want them yesterday. Unfortunately for the Toblerone-prone, as of right now you could find 'em at UK-based Tescos and Asdas, according to INSIDER. For some of us, that means a convenient trip down the street! ... But for the grand majority of us, that means either swimming across the Atlantic or hoping that a UK-based friend with money to burn will send one with some dry ice overseas. What are we going to tell all of the Toblerone-addicted dads and grandpas of the U.S. now?

Recap, for anyone keeping score here: Toblerone ice cream reportedly exists. I still do not possess any.

But at least there is a slight light at the end of the tunnel: MSN swooped in to save the day. According to the site, you can order online through MySupermarket — a UK delivery website. Behold!

Does it come with a pack of tissues? Because I just shed a tear of joy.

Paying homage to the original candy, the ice cream version is triangular in shape. The chocolate-and-honey ice cream is packed with Toblerone and nougat pieces, all covered in the candy shell, according to the MySupermarket description. For your convenience, it's served on a stick so that you can enjoy your ice cream whilst going about your daily activities. Well, your daily UK-based activities, that is. Why does the UK get everything while we watch from afar?! Honestly, this is the heartbreak of the Primark Harry Potter store all over again, and then some. Anyone else feeling an irrational urge to throw some tea into a harbor about now?

It seems that Toblerone is in good company, if this image is any indication (the U.S., while not entirely Milka-deprived, could certainly use some more of it once we survive all these nor'easters that keep blowing our way). And it's true that Toblerone isn't the first candy to cross over into the ice cream market as of late. Just earlier this month, the French website Golem 13 announced Kinder Bueno would be breaking into the frozen dessert niche with an ice cream sandwich, a stick, and a cone. You remember Kinder Bueno — the light and crispy wafer covered in milk chocolate and filled with creamy hazelnut deliciousness? Yeah, that Kinder Bueno. Cosmopolitan reported that Kinder's ice cream will also be available this summer — although once again, it looks like the US might not be able to partake, as they might only be available in France. First the FDA bans Kinder eggs in the U.S., and now we don't get any Kinder Bueno ice cream? I'm starting to take it personally.

If you happen to be across the pond this summer and are in the market for are refreshing frozen treat that will make your tastebuds do cartwheels, go ahead and treat yourself to Toblerone ice cream. Or Kinder Bueno ice cream. Meanwhile, I'll be here eating Ben & Jerry's, or whatever.

Mad? I'm not mad. (For real, though — fingers crossed that these somehow make the journey across the Atlantic, because this would be the perfect summer treat.)